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Monday Presser - 9/11 -- Mike Shanahan

Just took a listen to Coach's weekly Monday Press Conference, and amongst the typical post-loss stuff here were a few things that stuck out in my mind --

*--Tatum Bell played well, other than the fumble.  The same scenario will be used in Week 2, Tatum starts and will rotate with Mike Bell

*--Very impressed with Champ Bailey's tackling ability, calling Champ one of the best tacklers in the NFL, in addition to his great cover skills.

*--It's easier to prepare for a backup QB with a week to prepare than it is if he has to come off the bench during the game(which will be the case against K.C.)

*--Coaches have looked at tape and will look at more this afternoon before beginning preperations for K.C.  Once Wednesday arrives all focus becomes K.C. and the loss is history.

*--Some credit should be given to the Rams, they get paid too.  They're a pretty good football team and with the crowd noise and excitement were able to get the job done.

*--In regards to javon Walker, other than the dropped slant, Shanny liked what he saw from Walker.  Admitted that the catch down the sidelines wouold have been a great catch and one Walker routinely makes, but should not be expected.

*--Turnovers are a collective team effort, but Jake needs to do a better job of protecting the football.  Jake knows what it means to be the QB in Denver, and Shanny is confident Jake will come back stronger next week.

There ya have it.  Anyone who has listened to any of Shanny's Presser's in the past knows exactly what to expect, so there were no surprises here.  I would say that Coach was none too pleased with the T.Bell fumble and should that become a nagging habit we might see more and more of M.Bell.