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It Was Bad, but Not That Bad...

Tuesday are considered an "off day" in NFL Circles, though you wouldn't know it by the number of players that end up showing up at the Dove Valley complex.  It's even more the case after a loss, with the team eager to move on and move forward to their Week 2 meeting with Kansas City at Mile High.

Taking a moment to put Sunday's loss in perspective one last time, the Broncos are still in good shape.  There are 3 types of losses, and even though each is bad, there are different levels, diffent severities of bad.

The worst of the 3 is the divisional loss.  Nothing sets a team back than losing to a team in direct competition for the one guarunteed playoff spot that a divisional winner receives.  Handle you business in the division and all will be swell.

The next level is the conference loss.  If two teams end up in a tie at the end of the season, and didn't play during the season, conference record is taken into account.  Beating AFC opponents is nearly as important as beating divisional opponents and has a big impact on things such as home-field advantage and getting a playoff BYE.

The least damaging of the losses is the non-divisional, non-conference loss.  That is the type the Bronocs suffered on Sunday, with the Rams being an NFC team.  So, as dark and gloomy as Monday Morning was, it could have been alot worse, as the Raiders.

Things get alot more serious this weekend, with the Broncos facing the Chiefs in an all important AFC West matchup.  The loser will fall to 0-2, and will accrue the deadly double -- A Divisional Conference loss.  Neither team is going to want that, and the game should be rough and tough form the opening kick-off.

So back to work for the Broncos today as they hit the practice field to prepare for the Chiefs.  Damon Huard will get the start at quarterback, and we'll get more about him and the rest of the Chiefs from our Chiefs Blogger over at Arrowhead Pride.