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Week 2 Power Rankings -- A Look Around The Web

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If it's Wednesday it's time to take a look around the web and see where the Broncos stand in Power Rankings everywhere.

ESPN - #13 - ESPN has the Broncos out of the Top 10 after the loss in St. Louis --

Not that one year is exactly like the last, but everyone out there jumping off the Broncos bandwagon needs to remember how awful they looked last year in their Week 1 loss to the Dolphins.

CBS - #10 - CBS was a bit kinder in rank, but offers the question --

Is it time for a quarterback change? Jake Plummer wasn't very good against the Rams. It will be interesting to see how Mike Shanahan plays this as the season moves on. - #9 - takes a look at it from a gambling angle, interesting info here -

The Broncos held the Rams out of the endzone, on the road, and lost. In other breaking news they failed to cover on the highway for just the second time since Week 1 of last season.

RealFootball365 - #17 - The guys over at RF365 really kill the Broncos, dropping them all the way to #17. Interesting that the Broncos dropped further than , let's say, the Redskins who lost at home... Harsh to say the least -

Congratulations, Denver. By drafting Jay Cutler in the first round back in April, you may have very well ruined the good thing Jake Plummer had going under center. If Plummer reverts to his old Arizona ways, the Broncos' chances are six feet under.

FoxSports - #17 - Fox joins the crowd, also bringing the Broncos in at #17, behind the likes of the Giants and Vikings, at least the Vikings won. -

Is it Jay Cutler time already? Well, not quite. But after tossing three interceptions in Week 1, Jake Plummer may be feeling the heat. That January postseason win over the Patriots sure seemed like a long time ago on Sunday.

GridIronGrumblings - #20 - GIG takes a look at it from a Fantasy perspective, so it isn't that surprising where the Broncos rank after only scoring 10 points.  They don't supply any extranneous commentary, purely a numbers pick. - #13+ - only shows it's top 12, and has the Broncos somewhere after that, in the "middle of the pack".

I hope that give some insight into what the "experts" think about us after 1 loss, not that I give a damn.