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Week 2 - Kansas City @ Denver - First Look


Home Opener Time!!!  Nothing can erase the bad memory of our performance in St. Louis than a head-bashing of the Kansas City Chiefs at home.  Let's face it, win big on Sunday and us Bronco fans are back to making our Super Bowl reservations, such is the roller coaster ride hat is the NFL Season.

Here are a few of things I am looking at as we head into Week 2:

--Damon Huard gets the start for the injured Trent Green, and before we celebrate the victory keep in mind that Huard is 5-1 as a starter in the NFL.  Huard has spent most of his time the last 6 years holding a clip board, however, having thrown only 21 passes since 2000, and 20 of those came on Sunday after coming in for Green.

Huard looked good for the Chiefs, going 12/20 for 140 yards trying to bring the Chiefs back.  He is a good system QB and the Chiefs will not alter their game plan for him.

Here is what some of the Broncos have to say:

Demetrian Veal -

You know he's going to go in there and do what they do, so we'll practice for their offense and what they do as a whole team, and not just focus on one person.

Larry Coyer -

Their system -- he's part of their system, I think that's what people don't understand. He is part of that system. He's going to know how to operate.

John Lynch -

This is the NFL, so whoever they stick in there, Damon Huard, Brodie Croyle, whoever it may be, they're going to be capable of playing and winning football games.

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--Things aren't looking that good for DE Courtney Brown, whose recovery from an August 9th knee surgery has gone slower than expected.  Brown is listed as Questionable for the game Sunday, but after missing practice Wednesday it appears to be weeks, not days, until Brown can try to return to the field --

Mike Shanahan -
He hasn't made strides like we were hoping.  I would just say that it is week-by-week now.  I
talked to him this morning and he feels like there hasn't been much improvement and he has tried to push it.

Kenard Lang will be ready -
Actually, I prepare every week like I'm a starter, so I don't try to do anything different. If I viewed myself as a backup and somebody went down, not only do I mess myself up, I mess up the whole team, so I go in every week like I'm starting and just go from there.

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--Javon Walker's debut in a Broncos uniform was a bit shaky, with 3 catches, but two drops, though one would have been a great catch and a TD.  But if Walker wants to be considered one of the best receivers in the game, and get paid like one, those are the types of catches that must be made.  Walker had his thoughts in his first game in a year --
I'm exciting just to be back playing football in general, I feel good. You're never going to make every play, but I know those plays that I could have made those are plays that I'm used to making.

And about those drops?

It didn't go the way I wanted, but I'm happy to get it out of the way, I'm excited about this week and knowing what I can do to help the team.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------

Jake Plummer didn't have the kind of start he was hoping for, but the opener in Miami last season wasn't much better and Plummer went on to have his best season as a pro.  Plummer knows he has to play better, and is confident he can get it back this week --
I'm going to bounce back, I've bounced back
from worse games than that. I feel the two throws that I made on the move, I could make better throws. I've made those plays a hundred times. But that's just the pressure I've got to put on
myself to make a more accurate throw, to make those plays.

As for getting ready for the Chiefs, Plummer knows he has to move forward  -

The only thing we can do is go out there today and work hard.  As a quarterback, if you crawl in a hole and your teammates see that, they've got no respect for that guy. That's something I've never done. I'll bounce back.

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Last but certainly not least, take a minute to head over to Arrowhead Pride and see what they think of Jake Plummer.  It's interesting to me that they would think all this when they guy they have starting hasn't started a game in 6 years, while Jake got us to the doorstep of the Super Bowl last season.  Hey Chiefs fans, remember the Super Bowl?  You know, the game you play at the end of the season to decide who is the World Champion.  You might not, since the last time you played in one was way back in the 90s?  Ummm, No.  The 80's?  Not really.  The 70's?  Hell No!  Way back in 1969!  Oh, but you sureley have at least been to an AFC Championship game, right?  Well, yes.  One, back in 1993, a 30-13 loss to Buffalo.  So, anytime you want to compare playoff resume's, you let me know.  Anyway, Bronco fans, go check it out!