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5 Good Questions With....

CHRIS, Blogger - Arrowhead Pride

For this week's edition we welcome Chris Thorman, head blogger over at Arrowhead Pride to answer a few questions about this week's opponent, the Kansas City Chiefs.  Feel free to stop by Chris' site and let him know how much the Chiefs suck!!!

1.  With the injury to Trent Green, have the expectations of Chiefs fans lowered? How do you think Damon Huard will fare?

Kansas City Chiefs' fans hopes certainly haven't increased but I do not think they have lowered that much, if at all.  Trent Green is projected to be out at least two weeks/games but I'm a bit skeptical about that.  I've seen all too often concussions and head injuries (Priest Holmes anyone?) become recurring problems.  Priest's injury is a great example.  His neck injury against the Chargers last year just lingered on and on to the point where we are in Week 2 of the 2006 and Holmes' NFL future is in serious doubt.

Luckily, the Chiefs have their bye in Week 3 this season so Trent will have that extra time to recover without a losing his talent.  Unfortunately, because of the nature of his injury, Trent could be back in 2 weeks, 6 weeks or be done for the season.  We just don't know and I'm afraid to speculate.

Damon Huard is a career backup whose history is pretty standard for a player in his position.  He has rarely started and rarely been given a chance to actually get into a rhythm and play with a consistent team.  His stats weren't bad last week- 12/20, 140 yards passing and a TD- but what the QB passer rating doesn't take into account are fumbles.  Huard did have a fumble last week in a blown play where the pocket collapsed around him and he panicked.  Huard struck me as unprepared for Trent's injury- as we all were- so I hope and believe this week of prep time will benefit him greatly.  I see Damon Huard playing a low-risk game, in which he relies on Larry Johnson to set up the pass.

2.  What was the turning point in Larry Johnson's career?

Obviously, LJ turned the corner when he was allowed to become a full time starter when Priest Holmes' went down against the Chargers on October 30, 2005.  We all knew Johnson had the talent after rushing for over 2,000 yards at Penn State.  He simply needed the chance to start.  And he had one of the league's best O-lines blocking for him, which helps.  LJ expected to play more in 2004 but Vermeil was unwilling to give in to his demands, which Vermeil was correct in doing.  

3.  Will Priest Holmes ever play another down in the NFL again?

I do not think Priest Holmes will ever play again.  His neck injury has kept him out for so long that now it seems like he may just be hanging on like older football players do, unwilling to let the game go.  This is not a criticism of Holmes by any means.  His passion for football is so intense and his competitive nature will not let him officially quit just yet.  For now, he is on the physically unable to play list and could not return before Week 7 even if he wanted to.  I expect Holmes to officially throw in the towel sometime this season.  Unfortunate ending to a great, great career.

4.  When Herm Edwards was hired as Head Coach of the Chiefs, what was your initial reaction?

I was excited to have a new coach on the sideline but not as excited as when we brought Dick Vermeil on.  Vermeil is a near legendary coach.  Herm is still on his way.  One aspect of Herm Edwards that I really enjoy when comparing him to Dick Vermeil is his emphasis on defense over offense.  We've seen where an overemphasis on offense leads.  Nowhere.

5.  Did the retirement of Willie Roaf come as a surprise?  Will anything less than a playoff birth be considered a disappointment?

The Roaf retirement did come as surprise, especially since he was so adamant about coming back this season.  Roaf just felt like his time had come.  Unfortunately, that time was before the 2006 season.

BONUS - What will the final score of the Broncos/Chiefs game be?

Does Jake Plummer still have a beard?  I can't remember.  If he does, Tamba Hali will end the game with a sack by legally tackling Plummer by his beard.  After checking the weather forecast, it doesn't seem like rain will be a factor like it was last week.  Chiefs win 24 to 17.  

Thanks guys.  I appreciate the opportunity and drop by Arrowhead Pride anytime.  We love the healthy trash talking.