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Keep Faith in Plummer -- Scouts, Inc.

Interesting tidbit from Jeremy Green of Scouts, Inc.  I'll be honest, I am not a big fan of Jeremy, who I feel has gotten to where he is more on the merit of his father(Dennis Green in Arizona)than anything he has done.  Anyway, here's what he has to say about the Quarterback position in Denver, and more specifically Jake Plummer --

Denver Broncos: Plummer/Jay Cutler
In Denver, fans are already starting to clamor for the rookie Cutler. It is no secret that Plummer is not a fan favorite. Plummer is a gambling-type quarterback who tries to do too much at times, which can result in some costly interceptions.

Last season was Plummer's best in the NFL. He did a much better job of taking care of the football. However, his performance in last season's opener was very similar to the poor game he played Sunday in St. Louis.

Plummer bounced back strong a year ago, and can do the same this season if Denver gets back to doing the things that he does well.

Nobody knew Plummer like former offensive coordinator and new Texans head coach Gary Kubiak. Quarterbacks spend most of their time with their offensive coordinator. They watch a lot of film together and talk through a lot of different situations.

Mike Shanahan has a great offensive mind, but the head coach has to be involved in everything that happens on offense, defense and special teams. Typically he does not have time to be hands-on with his quarterback.

This is not a knock on new offensive coordinator Rick Dennison, but he was the offensive line coach before moving into his new role. There is a big difference between trying to relate to offensive linemen and to your starting quarterback.

For that reason, I think Shanahan is going to have to take a more hands-on approach with Plummer, at least early in the season. Shanahan will watch some film from last season and determine what Plummer was doing well and what he struggled with. Look for them to get back to the things he does well, starting this week.

As long as Plummer is healthy enough to play, he should be Denver's starting quarterback for the entire season. This is a Super Bowl-caliber team, and you don't put that in the hands of a rookie who still has a lot to learn.