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Week 2 -- Kansas City @ Denver - Game Day Open Thread


All right Bronco fans!  Time to open the home portion of the 2006 season, and what better way to do it than against an AFC West foe.  The Broncos welcome the Chiefs to town, with both teams trying to avoid the dreaded 0-2 start.  Can the Broncos get back to .500?  Talk about it here!!
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*--Broncos have won 10 straight regular season home games

*--The home team has won the last 7 meetings and 10 of the last 11 in the series.

*--Denver's 31-9 record at Invesco since 2001 is 2nd bext in the NFL behind New England(33-8)

*--Last Meeting - 12/4/05 @ Kansas City 31-27 - Loss

Official Gameday Press Release

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Courtney Brown(knee) - Doubtful


Trent Green(head) - Out

Boomer Grigsby(foot) - Questionable

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OT Adam Meadows
WR Charlie Adams
OL Chris Kuper
DL Courtney Brown
DL Elvis Dumervil
LB Nate Webster
TE Nate Jackson
WR Todd Devoe


All right everyone, kickoff is quickly approaching. A bit surprised DeVoe is inactive, and would have like to see Webster on special teams, and what about Elvis, who still cannot get active even without Courtney Brown. No matter, this is a big game for the Broncos! Let's get it on!!!


*--Broncos to receive, and as expected Cobbs is back to receive, reminding me of the days Droughns would return kicks.
*--Nice hard count by Plummer, getting the quick penalty, much easier at home!
*--Chiefs bring pressure and Plummer rushes the pass, missing a wide open Rod Smith with a pass that sails high.
*--Chiefs convert their first 3rd down opportunity and are quickly at midfield
*--And accross midfield as Johnson goes right up the middle
*--Cheifs are getting big chunks of yards right up the middle, Gerrard Warren is getting moved off the line of scrimmage. Johnson then converts another 3rd down, Chiefs are in scoring position.
*--Impressive first drive for the Chiefs, nothing fancy, just smashmouth
*--FUMBLE!!! Sure to be reviewed, but for now a HUGE turnover. Replay looks like a fumble!
*--Broncos try an end-aroound, but the Chiefs are playing similar to the Rams, heading right to the backfield, big loss. Broncos will face a 3rd and long and the offense just can't get in sync.
*--Nice screen, but it will end up short, fans actually wanting Shanny to go for it, but not a chance. Broncos will give it right back to the Chiefs
*--FUMBLE!!! this one recovered by KC. Would've been nice to recover, but as it is the Chiefs keep possession.
*--No pressure on 3rd down, but Huard checks down and the Chiefs need to punt again. Time for the offense to get it in gear!
*--End of the 1st Quarter. Broncos 0 - Chiefs 0 Not much happening for the Bronco Offense. We need a jump-start from somewhere. Who's going to provide it??


*--3rd down and 6, throw a 4 yard pass. Nice tackle, but this offense looks like it has absolutely no confidence.
*--Nice job on coverage, but damn, every time he has the ball Hall scares the hell out of me
*--Nothing fancy from the Chiefs, but they are moving teh ball again, picking up 1st downs. Another 3rd and short upcoming
*--Chiefs pick up the first, then are forced to call a timeout. This looks eerly similar to last season, when the Broncos got beat big by Miami in the opener, then looked bad for a 1/2 at home against San Diego before Champ Bailey retuned a pick for a TD. Looks like the Broncos are going to need something similar this year!
*--Again, the D-Line is very soft up the middle, but on 3rd and short the Broncos get tough, forcing a punt, but a nice job downing it, Broncos ball at the 1. Boy, I hate watching a game when I am wondering when, not if, our QB is going to make a big mistake....Not much fun at all!
*--A dangerous pass, but Kyle Johnson brings it in, big gain out to the 20...Ok, I'll have a heart attack now.
*--Great step up and throw on 3rd and 7, big catch for Walker in traffic. Nice to see on both ends. That was a confident throw by Plummer.
*--Nice throw and catch to Smith, hopefull he simply got his bell rung. Looks like he took a knee or thigh to the head.
*--Actually an arm to the dome, and Smith able to walk off. Looks like he'll be able to return, and more importantly another 1st down for the Broncos.
*--Sweet give to Johnson, wide-open up the middle. Johnson has some wheels for a fullback. I'd like to see him get the ball some more.
*--As the Broncos approach the red-zone I'd like to see them get Scheffler involved.
*--The bad playcalling contiues, and I guess Plummer is not allowed to audible. Time for a FG try, and he misses. Unbelieveable. Score remains tied at zero
*--This seems like the fastest game in history. I have a feeling the pace is to the liking of Herm Edwards. The longer the Chiefs stay in it, the better the chance K.C. can steal one.
*--Another missed tackle by D.J. Williams leads to a big play. And the Chiefs go to Johnson again. How can the Broncos not have anyone on Johnson in the flat?
*--Broncos haven't gotten the idea that the Chiefs are going to throw underneath, and let a reciever get a 1st down. D needs to stp up and hold K.C. to a FG try.
*--Underneath again. No pressure from the fornt four, big play upcoming from Denver 11. Chiefs are forced to use their last timeout and a decision upcoming. Chiefs have time for one more play, but need to get out of bounds ar throw to the endzone. Alas, Herm play conservative, will go for the FG. Attempt is good, and the Chiefs look to take a 3-0 lead to the locker room.
*--Broncos offense will go to the locker room, to a chorus of home crowd boos. HALFTIME - CHIEFS 3 - BRONCOS 0


*--Chiefs get the ball to start the 2nd Half. Last season, in a very similar spot, the Broncos D came up with a big play to turn the season around. Can they do the same today? They may need to.
*--Poor tackling, and over pursuit. Big play for LJ as he gets free again.
*--A big sack, as the front 4 finally gets some pressure on Huard. The defense forces a punt, though the Chiefs continue to rule field position. Great punt, out of bounce inside the 5. The nerves begin again as Plummer retunrs to the field.
*--A horrible pass by Plummer, floating one to Smith. He never looked anywhere else, and a big INT. The natives are definitely getting restless in Denver.
*--16 possessions, 6 turnovers for the Bronco offense. Chiefs are inclined to run the ball, work the clock and take their chances on 3rd down.
*--Broncos hold, but the turnover gives the Chiefs an excellent opportunity to add to the lead, and they do. Chiefs 6 - Broncos 0
*--Great job by the D continues, haven't given up a TD yet this season. What a waste
*--Another waste of a drive. Sure, Plummer is making some bad throws, but the offense as a whol just ins't getting it done. Defense needs to make a big play.
*--Broncos try to Blitz, but the Chiefs do a great job of picking it up...Then the impossible. Huard catches his own tipped pass, then fumbles it. Michael Myers recovers. Is this the spark that we need?
*--Nice catch by Tatum Bell, and Plummer take a shot. On another note, let's face it, the Broncos do NOT RUN THE SCREEN VERY WELL!!!
*--A big third down coming up, and in my humble opinion the Broncos are in 2 down territory.
*--Short, and let's see if I am right...The Broncos have to go for it...Gotta be a QB sneak. Great call!!! Perfect time for an end-around and the Broncos get the 1st down and much, much more.
*--And finally, the Broncos offense getting it one. Play is nearly blown up but Plummer gets it to T. Bell.
*--2nd and goal, where is Scheffler??
*--Well, there he is on 3rd down, but the ball is thrown behind him. Promising drive ends in a FG. Needed more, the Broncos still trail - Chiefs 6 - Broncos 3
*--Darrent Williams still playing way too far off the receivers and the Chiefs take advantage. Broncos need to change field position, but 2 first downs on consecutive plays. The third quarter come to an end, 4 and it's been 5 quartes without a TD for Denver. CHIEFS 6 - BRONCOS 3


*--Broncos defense needs to start taking some chances, bringing pressure and bumping the receivers at the line
*--Another big third down, with the CHiefs close to mid-field again. Ball is tipped, and Gonzalez does well just to keep Williams from making the pick. This time the punt sails into the endzone and the Broncos will have to go a long way again to try and tie or take the lead.
*--Smith leaves again, a bit shaken up. Has 3 points ever seemed like such a big deficit ever??
*--Screw the pass, Broncos pitch to M. Bell and get the 1st down. I'll tell you what, this Chiefs defense is hitting everything in sight, HARD!
*--That's what I want to see from javon Walker. Great route, big play.
*--Rhythem....Yes Phil Simms, I typed it first. Kircus gets into the act and Plummer starting to get it together.
*--And now the O-Line gets into the act, blowing the Chiefs off the line. K.C. takes a desperation time out. I'll say it, Broncos need to get into the end-zone right here!!!
*--Oopsy....A nice Personal Foul call and the Broncos will have the ball at the 1. You cannot bounce outside from the 1, M. Bell loses a couple yards.
*--There's the ball the Scheffler, and again he gets turned around. I'll say this, Scheffler has not looked good so far this year. The Broncos blow it on 3rd down, and Bell's bounce out costs the Broncos a chance at the lead, and Elam will try to tie the game. It's good, and another missed opportunity. Broncos 6 - Chiefs 6
*--Time for a 3-and out by the defense. Let's bring some pressure.
*--Chiefs are not going to make a mistake, 2 running plays brings up 3rd and short. Big play by my man Dominique Foxworth, who will be my guest in the "5 Good Questions With..." this week. Broncos take over, with a chance to go and win the game
*--Big 3rd and 5 coming, after anohter tipped pass. Jake Plummer may have the slowest delivery in football
*--An ugly, ugly possession, and now Ernster needs a big punt. Hall's nice return negated by a penalty and teh defense will need to come to the rescue again. Penalty is going to push the Chiefs back deep into their own terriory
*--Can Gerrard Warren stop getting pushed 7 yards deep?? Make a play 61!!!
*--1st down Chiefs, and we get to the 2 Minute Warning. Chiefs are either going to win or we are going to OT, because they are not going to give the Broncos any time on the clock. A turnover would be nice!
*--Amazing to watch a game when each coach is afraid to let his QB attempt to make a play. At least K.C. has a good excuse.
*--A big third down. Watch teh draw play here. The Chiefs are not afraid to take this to OT. WATCH THE SCREEN AND DRAW!!!
*--The Chiefs finally take a chance down the field and it falls incomplete. Smellin like OT...
*--Broncos down the ball, and we are headed to OT, and let's face it fans, the Broncos need to find a way to win this game!


*--Are you kidding me?!? Nearly a disaster, but the Broncos keep possession.
*--Kircus with the big play, and it's nice to see Kircus make some plays in a game that matters
*--Bell showing that speed, and nearly ends it. Broncos now across the 50.
*--BIG PLAY FOR JAVON! Nice subtle push and the Broncos are in FG range
*--I'd like at least 1 more first down, but Bell gets buried and the Broncos keep going backwards
*--Big third down and Shanny takes time to look at every nook and cranny of the play book. I'd have Walker run a 10 yard out, and even if he is short of the first it get Elam closer
*--Broncos stay on the ground, and Elam will try ro win it
*--K.C. calls time to ice to try and ice Elam. No way it affects him. He's gonna bury this!
*--And he does!!! Right down the middle, and the Broncos come back, and win it wothout a TD. It wasn't pretty, and there are still some big issues on offense, but 1-1 is a lot better than 0-2.