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Broncos Sign Morgan After Near Disaster

After much speculation the Broncos finally signed  KR/WR Quincy Morgan to a 1 year deal.  To make room for Morgan the Broncos waived Charlie Adams, who'se roster spot has seemed dubious at best for two years.  

Morgan brings a solid return man to a team that hasn't had one since, well, who knows when.  That lack of experience nearly cost the Broncos the game yesterday when Cedric Cobbs had trouble with the opening kick-off of overtime, nearly fumbling it away, and the win with it.

Morgan seems ready to get started right away -

I think I can come right in and return kicks, I know they've got great receivers here. I'll work myself in and learn each play as quick as possible and do whatever I can do.

Mike Shanahan also seems pleased, and a bit relieved -

The guys we have had back there have not been returners. So, hopefully this guy gives us a little experience, a little confidence.

This is a nice move by the Broncos to bring in a guy who is a somewhat proven commodity in the return game, has shown the ability to get down field in the passing game, and hasa played in some playoff games.  In my eyes, the Broncos got a little better today.