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Tuesday Quick Hits -- Week 3

24 Hour Rule is in effect.  Time to look away from the win versus K.C. and forward to a big Sunday Night game in Foxboro, MA against the Patriots who will surely have revenge on their mind after the Broncos ended their quest for a 3-peat.  Let's span the web and take a look at what the mainstream media is saying about the Broncos....

Jim Armstrong makes a profound statement -

With no deep threat, which Lelie provided, the Broncos are vulnerable to opposing teams stacking the line of scrimmage and not respecting their play action.
 Guru Retort - If the quarterback only has 1.2 seconds before he gets drilled I don't think Lelie would help that much, and he surely wouldn't have made the plays Walker made in the 4th quarter and OT.

The Rocky Mountain News gives a cheer, as the Broncos declare that in the end, they don't ask how, just how many --
Wins are pretty.  That is the Broncos' message this week: that wins, no matter how much they look like black knee socks with sandals, are pretty.
Guru Retort - Right On Brother!  This is the NFL, not college.  There are no polls, no style points and no computers to tell us who the best is.  All that matters is what happens in the field.  Right now the Broncos are playing situational football, and as teh RMN states, some guy we face on Sunday has 3 rings to show for situational football.

Sports Illustrated reports that Shanny is doing his best to squelch the bubbling QB controversy --
No. Same thing happened last year and it is going to happen (again)," Shanahan said of the fans' love affair with backup quarterbacks. "It happened when John Elway was here, it happened when I was in San Francisco with Joe Montana and Steve Young. This is football and it is great. It is great for talk radio. It is great for TV.

"But Jake has won a lot of games and just because we start out a little slow, like we did last year, doesn't mean it is the end of the world."

Shanahan said it's always easy to blame the man under center but it's usually misdirected criticism.

"Everyone looks at the quarterback and thinks it is totally his fault and that is never true. You have to put a lot of that responsibility on the coaches and the supporting cast," Shanahan said. "People forget very quickly about the tough games that John Elway had here. It is just the nature of the profession."

Shanahan noted that Plummer started slowly last year, too, and had to rely on the defense to salvage a win in Week 2, just like he did this year. Plummer then went eight games without an interception, igniting the Broncos to a 13-3 record and an appearance in the AFC title game.

"Hopefully he plays like he did last season," Shanahan said.

Guru Retort - Let me start by saying I am a big Shanny guy.  I think he is one of the top 2 or 3 coaches in the league.  But, I have to admit, I am a little worried that he used a certain #7's name multiple times when talking about the situation involving Jake Plummer.  I can't even say #7's name when discussing Jake.  I do agree that the statistics this season and last season after two games are very similar.  The Broncos offense scored 23 points through 2 games last season(remember, Champ Bailey ran an INT back for a TD against SD, the turning point of the '05 season), 19 this season, and it has been the defense that has kept us in it.  It was the third game that Plummer and the offense broke out, scoring 30 in a big win against the Chiefs.  I think the offense will play better this weekend in New England, where the Broncos have always played well.

I spoke of revenge earlier, well, according to the Rhode Island News, the Pats are still bitter about the playoff loss --
It's nine months later and the New England Patriots are still bitter about their 27-13 playoff loss to the Denver Broncos. It's like peroxide slowing dripping into a deep gash, so the Pats won't need any extra incentive for their rematch on Sunday.

New England is 2-0 with wins over Buffalo and the New York Jets, while the Broncos are 1-1 with a loss to St. Louis and a win over Kansas City.

The Patriots are not too happy with their performances in the first two weeks of the season, but you can bet they'll bring their A-game on Sunday.

"We'll definitely be ready for this game," said Richard Seymour. "It's a big game. It's the team that knocked us out [of the playoffs last season], so we don't need any pep rallies for this game. It's going to be fun. It's a good football team coming in, and we're shaping up as well. May the best team win."  Even though he is not one to dwell on the past, Seymour was clear when he said last year's postseason exit was disappointing.  "We had the table set up for us [last postseason]," said Seymour. "We just didn't finish. We've got to do a better job than we did in that game. We're in the production business and it's about going out and getting it done."

Guru Retort - If any beat writers covering the Broncos come accross this site, please take some friendly advice.  We have a  BYE week coming up that we can talk all we want about Jake and Jay, but from this minute forward can we keep the focus of the players and staff on the New England Patriots?  In case you haven't noticed they are already thinking about us, and, umm, if we don't start preparing for them it may not be a very fun trip.  But what do I know, right?

Need some more?  The Boston Hearld has some more from Richard Seymour, and he's not the type of player you want to give a reason to be motivated --
No question," Seymour said. "We'll definitely be ready for this game. It's a big game, a network game, against the team that knocked us out, to say the least. We don't need any pick-me-ups for this one. It's going to be fun. This is what you play for as a competitor."  

Losing to the Broncos stung as much for what happened the next day, when the Pittsburgh Steelers shocked the Indianapolis Colts. Had the Patriots taken care of business, they would have hosted the AFC Championship Game.  

"We would have had Pittsburgh at home," Seymour said. "We had the table set up for us. We just didn't finish."

Guru Retort - The Patriots are going to be ready.  They have Tedy Bruschi back and Rodney Harrison is back patrolling center field.  The Broncos have had some success against this regime in New England and at times have given Tom Brady headaches.  But early in the week it seems the Pats are going to be extra ready for this week.  Hopefully the Broncos can match the intensity, and Jake is going to need to step up.  The Broncos have never made the playoffs after starting a season 1-2 and I don't want to test that theory now!