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Week 3 Power Rankings - A Look Around the Web

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If it's Thursday, it's time to take a look around the web and see where the Broncos stand in Power Rankings everywhere.

ESPN - #12 - ESPN moves the Broncos up 1 slot after the win, which is about right in my opinion --

Pulling out a win over the Chiefs was big, but it's pretty obvious that Jake Plummer will have to play better for the Broncos to be a Super Bowl team.

CBS - #12 - Broncos win and CBS still drops us two slots.  Good thing this isn't college football!! --

The offense has been bad, which has put a lot of pressure on Jake Plummer. Can they get it going? If not, there might be a change coming. - #14 - Being that this site is a gambling resource I can understand the 5 spot drop, I won't put any money on the Broncos offense right now either. -

Remember when it seemed as if anybody could line up in the Broncos backfield and rush for 1000 yards? Yeah, me too.

RealFootball365 - #15 - We actually move up a couple of spots, but the crew over at RF365 still has little confindence in Jake -

Denver snuck away against KC with a 9-6 victory, but nobody can feel good about that, can they? Jake Plummer looks worse than ever, meaning the Broncos could be in for a rough year.

FoxSports - #15 - Fox also moves us up a couple, and actually had some positive thoughts for Jake and Co. -

I guess we should hold off on all the Jay Cutler talk. For now. Jake Plummer didn't dazzle on Sunday, but he did enough to get Denver their first win. A win is good. A win over Kansas City is great.

GridIronGrumblings - #12 - Big jump from GIG, moving us up 8 spots.  A look at this ranking more seriously than some others becuase it is more statistically based - #13+ - only shows it's top 12, and has the Broncos somewhere after that, in the "middle of the pack".

Not much movement after the lackluster win in K.C.  A win in Foxboro could change all that and get us back into the top 10, not that I give a damn!