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Reporters Giving Smith A Headache

Attention all reporters, Rod Smith is fine.  Sure, he suffered a concussion in the game last Sunday against the Chiefs last Sunday.  Add that to the three Smith had last season, including the Pro Bowl, and a scary trend is starting to emerge.  Cuncussions are like ear infections.  Have and and the next one is easier to get.  When they start adding up, doctors start to get concerned.

Smith, for his part, isn't concerned, but he is getting annoyed at all the health questions -

"Next question. Lets move forward. Lets get to the football. Get
to the football. I'm fine.  Any football questions? You all have any football questions?

Shanny is also confident about Smith's condition -

Rod is fine. He's practiced the whole week. I know he's supposed to see a doctor sometime (Friday) just to make sure it checks out OK.

Whatever the case is, while the training staff is keeping a close eye on Smith, he is focused on getting a win in Foxboro -

You know the whole country is watching, Offensively, it's a time for us to definitely come out of this little funk that were in and prove to everybody in the league and across the country that we are a good offensive football team.