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Week 3 -- Denver Broncos @ New England Patriots -- Game Day Open Thread


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*--Of teams to play New England 4 times since 2001, Denver is the only one with a winning record(4-1)

*--Since 1995, Denver has more wins(123) than any other franchise.  New England is #2(122)

*--Broncos are 23-15 all-time vs. New England, including 8-7 on the road.

*--Last Meeting - 1/14/06 - Divisional Playoff -  Denver 27-13, WIN

Official Gameday Press Release

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RB Cedric Cobbs(Ankle)------------Out

DE Courtney Brown(Knee)-----------Doubtful

RB Mike Bell(Finger)-----------------Probable

WR Rod Smith(Head)------------------Probable


S Artell Hawkins(Thigh)-----------Questionable

WR Chad Jackson(Hamstring)--------Questionable   

T Nick Kaczur(Shoulder)-----------Questionable   

QB Tom Brady(Right Shoulder)------Probable

WR Doug Gabriel(Hamstring)--------Probable   

T Matt Light(Knee)----------------Probable
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OT Adam Meadows
RB Cedric Cobbs
OL Chris Kuper
DL Courtney Brown
DL Elvis Dumervil
LB Nate Webster
TE Nate Jackson
WR Todd Devoe

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All right, all right. Let's get it on! Week 3 here at the MHR, Denver at New England! Big game, and I like our chances. We'll see in about 3 1/2 hours if my feelings are true, or just the meatballs I had for dinner. Let's get it started...


*--Is it me, or has Pink added a few...hundred pounds??
*--My man, Quincy Morgan...whoaaaa, settle down Quincy. Let's get it started from the 20.
*--Nice run for Tatum! All night, baby, all night!
*--Early 3rd downs always set the tone, let's see what we get done here. Nice protection, and a nice pitch and catch to Jake's new favorite target, Javon Walker!
*--Again, I like the patience from Jake. Is this the same QB we watched the past 2 weeks?? Just like last season. Week 3 was the turnaround!
*--Drop by Walker, but probably wouldn't have been a 1st. Nice drive, time to punt
*--Downed at the 1...Somewhere, Todd Sauerbrun is getting a bit nervous.
*--Nice play D.J. About time his game starts to get started, and just as I say that, he over pursues on third down, then gets hurt hittin Watson.
*--If we stay at home we will stop this running game, just need to get off the field on 3rd down, and we do. Nice job, D, and the field position battle begins....
*--This might be NE ball...
*--And some relief. It hit a foot, couldn't tell whose it was...Good field position, let's get it goin and get a lead for once.
*--A horrible situation in Tampa gets worse. Get well soon, Chris Simms
*--We can run against these guys, let's keep doing it...Dangerous pass, but a hell of a dive!!!
*--Guys, help me understand....7 yard run on first down, then pass, pass, 3 and out. Come on!!!
*--You can already see the similarities in gameplan by the Pats' D and St. Louis and K.C. We need to keep running until they stop it.
*--And there goes field position. Troy Brown, like Rod Smith, never seems to get old
*--C'mon 56, get him down!!!
*--AHHHHH!! Lynch nearly picks it off, but the D steps up again!
*--Now we need to dig out from our own goal-line. Run, Run and run some more....
*--3 Straight series for T. Bell, and as I hoped, 26 is getting the bulk of the carries.
*--Not good vision there, however, he had a couple lanes...
*--I wish we would see more of that, but a big 1st down for Jake
*--Patriots continue to bring 5 guys every down, and Jake doesn't have much time to throw
*--There's some vision. T-Bell is due for a big one! Someone needs to find a pic of Nalen and Wilfork!
*--Now the Pats drop 8 on 2nd down and Jake does the smart thing to throw it away...
*--Jake has been elusive tonight, and to be honest, the Broncos protection has been lousy so far.
*--Conversly, the Broncos front 4 is not getting any pressure on Brady, who has tons of time to scour the field.


*--All day to throw. I said in my preview I was worried about Mike Shanahan not sending pressure, and they pay for it
*--Another wrinkle you can throw in when you trust your QB, no huddle, and Maroney shows his ellusiveness. Maroney may have been a Bronco has the trade not happened to get Cutler. Big decision here for Billy Boy
*--Great Stand for the D!! And he ebb and flow of this game goes back to the Broncos!
*--Rod needs to make that catch in a game like this.
*--Ok, this game has slowed to a snail's pace...Like two heavyweights feeling each other out. I you can tell how important each team knows this game is..
*--Great catch by Kircus!
*--Kircus again! And a penalty to match!
*--Nice third down conversion, but the penalty backs us up. Nice tackle, Tom!
*--Can someone block Colvin?!? Offense falls apart in the red-zone and we still can't get a TD. At least we get three....DENVER 3 - 0
*--Frustration on the face of both the QB and Head Coach. A nice shot of the animated conversation.
*--Nice to see Shanny finally bring some pressure, need to keep it up and tackle
*--Just as I say that, no pressure and Brady has all day to find the open guy, nice catch by Watson
*--And another missed tackle, again by Wilson.
*--Pats getting into a rhythem now, and a good challenge as Watson doesn't make that catch.
*--Officially overturned, and the Broncos get to re-group. Defense still hasn't given up a TD
*--Hey, Chuky in the game, and immediately gets to Brady. Nice hold, let's get a block here.
*--AND WE DO!!! Ghosts of Vinatieri pop up as Gostkowski has his second FG attempt blocked in a row.
*--T-Bell almost breaks another one!
*--More points would be delicious here....
*--Big conversion for Rod and Jake. I'd like to see a shot downfield to J.W. or Kircus...
*--All night long on the ground...T-Bell is getting it done
*--There it is to Walker!! TOUCHDOWN BRONCOS! BRONCOS 10 - NEW ENGLAND 0
*--Whatever we do, no squib kick!!!
*--We need to be careful here. New England gets the ball to start the 2nd Half, so we don't want to give up any cheap points
*--Madden makes a good point, no fire in Brady, the Brach situation has really taken it out of him...
*--I'll tell you what, Ian Gold is putting together a Pro Bowl year already.
*--Again, a nice tackle by Gold, and music to my ears....Boos reign down for Billy Boy and the Pats


*--Dillon looks to be out, but we'll see.
*--Good job against the run to start the half. Denver is going to need to be careful of the cutback
*--Big penalty negates a 1st down, Broncos still only sending 4.
*--Nice 3 and out, and Brady walks dejectedly to the sideline.
*--And finally, for the first time this season we get to see Denver Bronco football. Get the lead, run it down their throat!!!
*--Scheffler still is having issues finding the ball in the air, but a good call on the Pass Interference
*--Scheffler again, and off his hands...Scheff needs to start making plays...
*--Rod gets hit hard, but the ball was right in his hands...I'd punt here...
*--Nice sack and another good stand for the D. All I have to say is, WHAT THE HELL IS D-Will DOING??!?!
*--Bread and Butter Denver Broncos, quick slant, and the Broncos get some breathing room.
*--Another good call, and more whining...
*--No catch, and things are starting to get frisky in Foxboro!
*--Jake does a good job to take the safe route, and we get to punt with some room... Come-on Ernster!!
*--D needs to step up again, I feel some of the momentum starting to head the other way
*--Great play by Ferguson, and the Boos reign down again!!!
*--Way to go, T-Bell, you want the carries and cramp up....
*--Game is really getting sloppy now. A great time for a screen, but we just don't tun it well...
*--Run the ball, and punt...Don't take any chances!
*--Looks like we'll punt it again, with off-setting penalties...
*--Ernster needs to get a hold of one here.
*--Alot of class in New England...
*--A turnover would be delicious right here...
*--The Pats are going to keep taking shots down field, and some receivers have been open.....
*--In Fashion News, Baby Blue is not Madden's color....
*--I still think a game should always be more important to the Home Team. That said, Denver needs to close this one out....
*--Nice first down to end the quarter


*--Well, afer breaking a record last week with no penalties in regulation and OT, the penalties are mounting up tonite
*--Hope we don't need any Timeouts at the end of the game, cuz we may not have any left...
*--Looked like there was room on that screen, but it just isn't a play we run well...
*--A J.W. comes up big again!! A HUGE play...Great pass, great move, and a great TD!! TOUCHDOWN BRONCOS!! BRONCOS 17 - NEW ENGLAND 0
*--Up 17, time for the D to tee off on Brady!
*--More whining, but Caldwell pushed Bailey out of the way....
*--OK, Defense, let's not get soft now....
*--Defense looks a little tired, and the Broncos do a good job to take their last time-out. Sweet shot of Chuky up-chuking....
*--TD Streak is in bigtime jeopardy...and the New England fans continue to show their lack of class. Bronco offense needs to get back on the field and run the ball down the Pats' throats...That or go deep to Walker again...
*--And with that, the streak is over, and so is the shutout. Touchdown, Patriots. Still a two-score deficit, and our offense needs to step up and run some time of this clock. BRONCOS 17 - PATRIOTS 7
*--Like a long lost friend, the bootleg returns, and Jake's pass is right on the money. And like that, the crowd shuts up....
*--Interesting stat there, but all that matters are the Rings, Baby!
*--Patriots hold, but the Broncos should make them go the length of the field. D needs to step up.. Pats need to go 92 yards for 6
*--Injuries are starting to pile up. We need to get out of here with a win, and get going with that BYE...
*--That's more like it. Defense gets some pressure on Brady, and a 3 and out....Nice job, time to put the game away.
*--Don't dance, Tatum...Hit the hole and GO!
*--Ernster needs another nice punt, pin 'em back deep...
*--Ok, D....Don't get SOFT!!!
*--DAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMN!! Sweet hit by D.J.!!!
*--Top of the Rock?? Has to be my man J-Walker.
*--Defense is slowing down again. I don't want this thing to come down to some on-side kick!
*--And that is that with that! Great pressure when we needed to. Denver get a HUUUUUUGE road win!
*--Broncos improve to 5-1 against Billy Boy and Brady. Ownage, baby...Ownage