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Tuesday Presser, 9/26 - Mike Shanahan

Mike Shanahan took a couple of minutes to speak with reporters about the Patriots game, as well as the upcoming BYE week...Here is a brief overview of what was talked about -

Tatum Bell -- Very impressed with his performance.  Anytime you can rush for 100 yards on that defense you've done well.  As for Tatum getting the bulk of the carries, Shanny reiterated that he will go with a system that remains productive, whether it is one or two backs.

Bye Week -- Coming off a win, especially against a team like the Patriots makes it alot more enjoyable, and the team will be given a long weekend starting Thursday to rest up.  Shanny stressed that you need to stay focused, though, on the task at hand and come back on Monday ready to get after it for the rest of the season.  Working 100 hour work weeks is a grind, however and it will be nice to get away from it for a few days.

Cornerback Play -- When asked how much of the success of the defense could be attributed to CB play, Shanny stressed that a defense cannot be successful without solid play from the corners.  He also mentioned that we have a few guys playing that way right now

Special Teams -- Coach decsribed the play of the special teams unit so far as 'Average' and as an area that needs to be improved.  he went on to compare the unit to offense or defense, saying that all 11 guys need to be on the same page, and if one guy is out of position the whole thing can break down.

Al Wilson -- The only injury Shanny talked about was the Hamstring tweak to Al Wilson.  It was decribed as just a tweak, and that if there was a game this weekend he would be able to play.  The week off can only help.

David Kircus -- Shanahan had only positive things to say about Kircus, who has come up with several big catches the past couple of weeks.  Coach feels he has really stepped up, and even though you can look at a guy during the pre-season and evaluate him you never really know how a player is going to respond when the lights go on, and Kircus has really stepped up.

Good to see the guys getting a few days off this weekend.  A BYE week after a win is always nice, don't ya think???