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Terrell Owens Suicide Attempt

This is just crazy.  It was reported last night that Terrell Owens was taken to the hospitol after having an allergic reaction to pain medication he is taking after having an operation on his hand on September 18.  Well, that has all changed this morning, with this!

Reportedly, Owens took up to 30 pills and when the police askend Owens if he tried to harm himself he answered, "Yes".

This is stunning news around the NFL, and even in Denver, which initially was the team Owens himslef wanted to go to.  Sometimes the best moves are the ones you don't make.

The guy needs help, and I hope it proves this fact to everyone.  

[editor's note, by TheSportsGuru]Here is the story from

And a copy of the POLICE REPORT.

Update [2006-9-27 16:19:36 by TheSportsGuru]:Let me just say this....Now that the press conference has come and gone, and everybody essentially denied everything, and made the police and rescue workers out to be liars, let me give my 2 cents for what it's worth....

First, T.O. explains the whole thing as an accident involving his pain meds and supplements. He's happy, and he doesn't remember a thing about the "incident". Doesn't remember answering teh questions of whether he took a bunch of pain pills and whether or not he was trying to hurt himself.

Secondly, did you see the body language of the "publicist" who actually placed the 911 call and told police and rescuew workers that T.O. was non-responsive, and that she was trying to pry pills out of his mouth, etc. came back today and said, oops, nope didn't mean any of that. She also said that T.O. had told her he was depressed, and today she said he never told her that.

So, for those of us keeping track at home, T.O has been misquoted by the San Francisco 49'ers, The San Francisco media, the Philadelphia Eagles, The Philly media, his agent, his agent's brother who wrote a book for him, himself in his book, his publicist, the Dallas P.D. and Dallas rescue workers, and somewhere and 911 tape.

This is the last I'll talk about this, and waste MHR space with it, but it simply amazes me that people actually buy this, and believe it. Hey, if the guy wants to off himself it really isn't any of my business, but to clog up the media for 12 hours with this idiacy and then come out and hand us a bunch of B.S. and expect us to buy it, well no thanks....

I'm off my soapbox now, so back to the Broncos.