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Low Voltage -- Darius Watts Cut

Every season, without fail there is a surprise on cut down day.  If you poll fans from all 32 teams, each has a player they were sure was gooing to make the team, only to find out that player has been cut.  For the Broncos it was Darius Watts, a former 2nd Round pick in 2004.  

It wasn't even so much that he was cut, he hasn't been steller to say the least, but the way it went down.  Coaches have been praising Watts the entire camp for his work ethic and abilty.  According to depth charts he had the inside track on the #3 WR job.  But then something happened.  Or a couple of things.

First, Mike Shanahan feel in love with rookie Brandon Marshall.  Sure, Watts has ability, but lack some size.  Not Marshall, who very well may end up a TE before it's all said and done, a la Shannon Sharpe.

Secondly, a free agent come to Dove Valley and stole the show.  David Kircus made play after play, cath after catch, and made many a Bronco fan remember the last #87 to catch balls in Bronco Blue.

It still is a surprise to me that Watts was cut, while recently traded, then returned, Charlie Adams remains.  It makes me wonder when Shanny figured out Watts was a goner.  Watts didn't play in last weeks pre-season game against the Texans, not at all effectively agains Arizona.  Was Watts as good as gone then?

If you were going to cut Watts anyway, why not trade him to the Cowboys for the pick and at least get something for him.

It makes you wonder of all the "praise" during the training camp was a smoke screen to try and creat interest for the player that the team didn't want anyway.  Why else cut the guy you praise and keep the guy you tried to trade for a bag of peanuts.

That leads us back to Adams, who somehow survives the choping block again.  The main difference between the two is Adams can "play" special teams, while Watts doesn't.  Not enough reason in my book, but we'll have to see.

It will be interesting to see what will happen with Watts.  There is no doubt that someone will pick him up, and I hope the Broncos don't end up regretting the decision.