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Denver Fans #8 According to BizJournal

Let's face it, trying to figure out arbitrary facts, like which NFL team has the best fans is a practice in futility.  Each team's fan base is going to think they are the most passionate, and let's face it anyone who is willing to fork over the dough for PSL's and season tickets deserves to think that.  That's why it always interests me when some news source or magazine comes out with a list like BizJournals released on Monday.

BizJournals is a the web home of American City Business Journals, America's largest metropolitan business newpapers.  So of course they are qualified to come out with a poll ranking the best fans in the National Football League.

Each NFL team's fans performance was analyzed in seven categories for the period of 1996-2005, including average attendance, percentage of seats filled, fluctuation in attendance between good and bad seasons, on-field record, market population, local income levels and weather.

They then analyzed each city in two seperate ways -- the level of fan support and the difficulty the team presents to it's supporters.  So obviously the Broncos fared well in section one(3rd), being that the Broncos have sold out every game for 36 years.  

60 percent of the ranking was final ranking came from this part.

The team ranked 30th overall in the Difficulty ranking.  The difficulty ranking is determined by factors such as weather, team perfomrance, etc.  Cleveland finished first in both categories, thus winning the poll.  Accordng to BizJournals, not only do Browns fans fill their stadium, but they do so to watch a bad team in bad weather.

A unique angle at fan loyalty, though highly flawed if you ask me.  Sure Browns fans fill their stadium, but most are gone by the end of the 1st half, too drunk to walk, if they haven't been arrested for throwing objects onto the field or running on the field nude.

Ironically, it was Raider fans that finished last in the Loyalty piece, despite constant media reporting that Hater Nation fans are somehow the most passionate.

The entire list can be seen Here.