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GAME WEEK - Tuesday Things To Think About

Finally!!!  It seems like forever since, well, we won't discuss that certain incident with the Steelers, and it feels great to kick off the regular season.  As we head into an actual game week situation here are some of the things I am looking for...

1. Health -- The Broncos are pretty healthy as they head out of pre-season and into meaningful games.  Both Courtney Brown and Gerard Warren practiced on Monday and are hoping to start in St. Louis.  Brandon Marshall is in the same boat, and he expects to play as well.  Javon Walker has looked very good recovering from his knee injury last season, but with the game being on an artificial surface I have to admit I am a little concerned.  Another test to pass for Walker, but I will feel better once the game is over!

2.  Who's the Tailback? -- This is going to be top secret, probably all the way to kick-off.  70% of the readers of MHR feel it is going to be Mike Bell, and I have to agree.  He looked good against Arizona on Thursday night and was the starter going in.  It the whole scheme of things it probably doesn't matter who is starting.  It reminds me of a 6th man in basketball, it's not who's on the field at the start, but who is getting the carries in the 4th quarter when it matters.  The will be interesting to watch all season.

3.  What Will the Rams Look Like? -- Anytime a new head coach is brought in you can epxect some change.  You can also expect a team to be fired up and ready to go.  Remember Miami last season?  New Coach Scot Linehan has simplified the offense, taking alot of the misdirection and multiple formation off the table.  Expect the Rams to try and play some smash-mouth early on with Stephen Jackson, to try and gain the physical advantage.  The Rams still have weapons outside in Isaac Bruce and Torry Holt, but lost a little something in the locker room with Marshall Faulk on the IR.  The defense is still a work in progress, but will play hard for Linehan in a home opener.

These are just a few things to look for as we start the week.  Kickoff is a mere 5 days away and can't get here soon enough!