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Sharpe Like Broncos Chances

Every year more and more "experts" venture into the realm of Nostradomus, and try and predict what will happen during the NFL Season.  Sure it's fun, but it's also nearly impossible, since one seam in the carpet in Detroit, or St. Louis, or Dallas could blow up a knee of a star player, thus ending his team's chances.  It is still enjoyable to try you hand at it and I am sure most of you have.  Here are some links to what some of the "experts" ar thinking in 2006. surveyed their crew of football know-it-alls that include former Broncos Shannon Sharpe.  Sure Sharpe is a homer, but he has been very critical of Jake Plummer and the Broncos at times since his retirement.  This season, he like the Broncos, picking them to reach the Super Bowl against the Panthers.

He doesn't give a winner, but you'd have to think that Sharpe would like the Broncos in that matchup as well.  Coming tomorrow, it will be little 'ole me with some of my thoughts on the season.