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Broncos V. Rams -- What the Experts Say


I am pretty sure I know what we think about Sunday's Season Opener, but what about all the "experts"?  Here are some links:

*-- All the NFL Gurus over at ESPN seem to like the Broncos.

*-- The World Wide Leader is also using Madden '07 to play every game each week to predict the winner.  The video game likes the Broncos in a close one.

*-- The Cincinnati Enquirer call the Broncos Sunday's Best Bet for recreational purposes only, I'm sure.

*-- The Chicago Sun-Times sees a closer game.

*-- New York Newsday doesn't give a score, but takes the Broncos.

*-- Peter King at Sports Illustrated has hte Broncos winning big.

*-- Fox Sports doesn't have a prediction yet, but does have some interesting nuggets about the game.

So it looks like everyone like the Broncos this weekend.  I don't know if that makes me feel better or worse, but it always feels good at some level to get some respect from the national media...