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Broncos Offer $100 Grand As Reward To Find Killer

The Broncos organization and players, attempting to jump start the investigation into Darrent Williams' murder have raised $100,000 for information leading to an arrest and conviction in the case.

The investigation has been hampered by the thought that possible witnesses are fearful for their safety, and the traditional $2,000 reward issued through CrimeStoppers of Denver was not enough to ease that fear.

It is nice to see Pat Bowlen and the Broncos' Organization put it's wallet where it's mouth is.  Bowlen stated at the funeral that his #1 objective now was finding justice for Darrent and his family.  100 Grrr will go a long way towards finding justice.

In other news from the Williams case, the man being held as a "person of interest" in the case, 23-year old Willie Clark is growing frustrated with being held by police, and his attorney is seeking his release.  Michael Andre has stated his client knows nothing about the Williams shooting, and when asked if his client has been questioned about the case, Andre refused to say, "We are not discussing anything related to his potential cooperation as we do not want to create a perception that could endanger his life or his presumption of innocence,"  In other words, if I say he has, the gangs will kill him, and if I say he hasn't, the gangs will kill him.  Bad position to find your self in.

The cold, hard truth is someone knows something, and I hope the added incentive that 100 grand can give someone will be enough to get the ball rolling.