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Broncos Move Quickly, Nab Bates To Run Defense

Bates is known to get excited...

With several teams on the prowl for head coaches as well as qualified assistants, the Broncos wasted no time finding a replacement for the recently fired Larry Coyer in former Packers and Dolphins DC Jim Bates.

Bates, whose son is already a member of the Broncos staff, will officially have the title Assistant Head Coach Defense while DB coach Bob Slowik will have the title of Defensive Coordinator.  The Broncos already emply this theory on offense, with Mike Heimerdinger holding the Assistant head Coach title and Rick Dennison garnering the Offensive Coordinator role.

In the end title really mean nothing and it will be Bates' responsibility to improve a defense that came up short time after time in big moments.  He had hoped to get some consideration for the Dolphins head coaching vacancy, but it was becoming more and more unlikey despite public backing by Dolphins players.

Bates prefers teh 4-3 defense, and his schemes are similar to Larry Coyer's, though it is a safe bet that Bates is a better game planner and in game coach than Coyer was.  I am a better game planner and in game coach than Coyer.

There is also talk the Ronnie Bradford's days as Special Teams coach could be numbered as well with the availability of Pete Rodriguez.  Rodriguez was kicked to the curb by Jack Del Rio in Jacksonville last week but is still considered as one of teh best ST coaches in the league.  The Broncos easily had the worst unit in football, and other than Jason Elam had little positive to note from the special teams.

The winds of change are upon is, and it seems to me that Shanny is focused on getting back to the promised land in 2007.