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Falcons' Vick In Hot 'Water'?

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What's in the bottle, Mike?
Falcons quarterback Michael Vick might be in some hot 'water' over some water, or what was supposed to be.

The Rocky Mountain News is reporting that Vick was stoppoed at a security checkpoint in Miami becuase he was carrying a water bottle, with an Aqua-fina label, which contained more than the 3 oz. allowed.  Vick was told of this, and reportedly resisted security personnel requests to surrender the bottle.

Vick finally placed the bottle in a recyle bin.  A persistent guard, thinking "What's the fuss over a little water" to a closer look at the bottle and notcied it had a secret compartment.

According to police and Transportation Security Administration officials, the 20-ounce plastic bottle's secret compartment, when opened, had a dark residue and "a pungent odor of marijuana."

By the time the compartment was noticed, Vick was on his flight, headed for Atlanta.  Police have informed the NFL about the investigation.

Can we finally come to the realization that Vick is what he is.  A mediocre at best quarterback, with amazing physical skills, that is starting to succumb to the pressure of failure.  Talk about horrible judgement. Even without "official" confirmation on what the substace is, what other reason would you need for having a fake water bottle? Flipping the bird to a fan, then alledgedly attempting to smuggle an illegal substance on an airplane shows a digression in Vick's personality, one that new head coach Bob Petrino has to be concerned about.  It's time for the Falcons to move forward without this guy, before they lose Matt Schaub and put the franchise back 10 years. No way Vick is worth 100 million. He doesn't give a damn about the fans or organization, and doesn't deserve it.

Like Daunte Culpepper in Minnesota after the "Love Boat" fiasco, Vick might be better served to be kicked out of town.