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Reaction To Williams' Death One Of Shock, Sadness

As New Year's Day wound down reaction to the shocking and senseless death of Darrent Williams filtered in from various news outlets all over the country.  I am sure you have read or heard many of them, but I feel is my small way to honor Williams and his life by posting many of them here. There is no doubt that Williams was loved by many and his loss is going to have a long term effect all over the NFL.

First, take a moment to visit DENVERBRONCOS.COM where you can send your condolences to the fmaily as well as see a nice tribute to Williams.  I have always thought the staff over at was the best in the league and the job they have done handling a tough situation confirms that to me.

Here are some thoughts of various figures from the Broncos and throughout the NFL --

All of us are devastated by this tragedy. To lose a young player, and more important, a great young man such as Darrent Williams, is incomprehensible. To lose him in such a senseless manner as this is beyond words. My deepest feelings, all my thoughts and prayers, go out to Darrent's mother and family. The entire Broncos' organization shares my grief. Darrent was a wonderful young man, and his passing is a great loss for his family, the Broncos and the city. -- Pat Bowlen, Broncos Owner

Losing a fine young man such as Darrent Williams leaves me speechless with sadness. We all know that Darrent was an excellent player, but as a person, he was a first class young man who brightened every room with his smile, attitude and personality. I cannot express how heartsick I feel at this loss. All of our players and coaches are completely shocked by this terrible tragedy, and my deepest condolences go out to the entire Williams family. -- Head Coach Mike Shanahan

All I know is a guy drove up on him and started shooting.  He was good people, man. He's got two kids. I just feel bad. -- Broncos RB Tatum Bell

He loved the Denver Broncos, he loved being part of the Broncos family. Even though he had a few bad games this year, he tried every game.  I met with Coach Shanahan today and he inspired me with his words. He told me God needed 'D' more than the rest of us. -- Rosalind Williams, Darrent Williams' Mother

He was a serious competitor. He had heart. We were kind of alike. Everyone talked about us both being undersized. We knew we both had a chance in this league and wanted to prove what we could do. -- Broncos DE Elvis Dumervil
You just feel shock. That's it, just shock. -- Broncos' safety John Lynch
He, obviously, was a very good football player. More importantly, he had come a long way in his life, to the point where he was really enjoying himself. It's just disappointing his life was cut short. -- Mike Gundy, Oklahoma State Football Coach
Any time you lose a guy who was close to everyone, it hurts. From the get-go, he was like one of your good friends. -- Broncos punter Paul Enrster

He is in a limo, you think he's doing all the right things, he's not driving ... I mean, who shoots up a limo? But you've always got to watch your surroundings. It's a sad situation for him for that to even happen. That's some of the stuff you deal with when you're in the limelight, people get jealous for all type of different situations. Nobody knows what happens, but it definitely went too far. -- Steelers' Linebacker Joey Porter

He was a great guy. You kind of don't believe it at first until you get called a couple of times. The first one you're like 'Stop playing,' then you get hit all night about it and you start to believe it. He was a great dude to hang around with, a good friend. He was real outgoing, just a good guy. -- Former Teammate Ron Dayne

He's a great kid, did a great job for us. I talked to a couple of [Denver] coaches this morning and a couple of our players that know him very well and it's very unfortunate. The kid had a great future. -- Houston Texans' Head Coach Gary Kubiak

I just want to take this opportunity to let the family members and everybody associated with the Broncos, let them know how deeply we are saddened as an organization and as players and coaches for the tragic event that happened last night. -- Titan's Head Coach Jeff Fisher

He was one of the most positive young men I've ever been around. In the almost three years I've known him, I've never seen him down. He lit up the room with his smile. His smile was the biggest thing. -- Jeff Griffin, Williams' Agent
One thing lost in this tragedy is the mental state of Javon Walker who was in the limo with Williams' and was seen at the Broncos' Headquarters with what looked to be blood all over his shirt. I have seen the picture of Walker and it is gruesome to say the least. Forget football, I hope Walker can find peace in after the horrible events he must have witnessed that night and the painful days ahead of grief and disbelief, before the realization sets in of how lucky he is. On a bit of a downer, I read a quote from an unnamed Broncos' assistant coach, when speaking of the multiple players allegedly in the limo said, "Sounds to me that we were fortunate to have lost just one,". A bit crass to me, though I am sure it was taken out of context. Emotions are raw at times like these, but even though the statement was true, and Javon Walker is lucky to be ok, it was a statement that I could have done without hearing...