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Parcells Retires....Again.

The Tuna is at it again.   The most overrated coach in the history of professional sports is retiring, again, for the third time.  Quitting is more like it, quitting on the owner and team that paid him millions to do alot more than get ousted in the first round of the playoffs.

Here is the story from DFW.COM --

IRVING -- Bill Parcells has resigned as head coach of the Cowboys and said he will retire from coaching.

"I am retiring from coaching football. I want to thank Jerry Jones and Stephen Jones for their tremendous support over the last four years," Bill Parcells said in a statement.

"Also, the players, my coaching staff and others in the support group who have done so much to help. Dallas is a great city and the Cowboys are an integral part of it. I am hopeful that they are able to go forward from here.

"I am in good health and feel lucky to have been able to coach in the NFL for an extended period of time.

"I leave the game and the NFL with nothing but good feelings and gratitude to all the players, coaches and other people that have assisted me in that regard."

Parcells led the Cowboys to the playoffs twice in his four seasons in Dallas. The Cowboys were eliminated in the wild-card round this season by Seattle.

I'm sure Grizz over at Blogging The Boys will have alot to say about this so-called legend and his abrupt "re-re-retirement"