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'98 Team Immortalized On NFL Network

Still brings a tear to my eye!
The 1998 Denver Broncos, the second of back-to-back championship teams in the late 90's, will be featured tonite on NFL Network's 'America's Game', a series that has been counting down the Top 20 Super Bowl Champions since around Thanksgivng.  Though the '97 team didn't make the cut, the '98 bunch checked in at #12, and the show can be seen at 8:00 PM EST tonite, with Kevin Bacon as the narrator.

The show will include in depth interviews with three members from the team, Mark Schlereth, Terrell Davis and Shannon Sharpe.  Everything will be touched on, from a 13-0 start that had the '72 Dolphins shaking in their cleats, to the playoff routs of Miami and New York, and finally Super Week.

I re-read the SI article about Super Bowl XXXIII, and it all came back to me.  The stab in the back by Dan Reeves to Shanny, using the national media as a sounding board to re-open old wounds.  It had been though that the two has put the past behind them until Reeves took the cheap shot.

Of course there was the arrest of Falcons' safety Eugen Robinson the night before the game for soliciting a prostitute.  Ironically, Robinson had jsut won a league award for sportsmanship.

It's all in there, done with the grace and flair we have come to expect form NFL Films.  For those of you that do not have NFL Network, you can purchase the episode HERE.

Here is the countdown as it sits heading into tonite's episode...

20 - 1983 Los Angelos Raiders
19 - 1999 St. Louis Rams
18 - 1969 Kansas City Chiefs
17 - 1994 San Francisco 49'ers
16 - 1996 Green Bay Packers
15 - 1971 Dallas Cowboys
14 - 1991 Washington Redskins
13 - 1986 New York Giants
12 - 1998 Denver Broncos

The series will continue all next week, with the #1 team being revealed on CBS on Saturday, February 3rd.