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Suspected Vehicle Used In Williams Murder Found is REPORTING that the 1998 Chevy Tahoe police had identified as possibly being involved in the drive-by shooting of Darrent Williams was found near Denver Intl. Airport.

Television images appeared to show the Tahoe had been painted black on the sides, front and back, but the top remained white -- the original color of the vehicle authorities were seeking.

To date the main reason given for Williams being at the club that night was to celebrate Kenyon Martin's birthday, but Williams' uncle, Demond Williams, said the cornerback was at the club to promote a rap group for his fledgling independent recording label, Ryno Entertainment.

You can see more about Ryno Entertainment by checking out Darrent's MYSPACE PAGE.  For the first time there might be reason to think the crime may not have been totally random in manner, and that D-Wil may have been targeted in some way, though that is just my opinion.

The Rev. Leon Kelly, who helps Denver teenagers escape gangs and drugs, said he has discussed the events at the nightclub party that Williams attended with a number of people who were there. He said he was told that members of the Bloods street gang were present on New Year's Eve and that they had a conflict outside the Shelter with members of the Crips.

"In the gang world, respect is a major issue," Kelly said. "Someone may have felt disrespected. The shooting wasn't random."

The registered owner of the vehicle, Brian Kenneth Hicks, is a known gang member already in prison on attempted murder and drug charges, and  one of the two women he alledgedly shot was murdered a few days before testifying against him.  It seems these guys are serious players in the gang world, and have no respect for human life, nor does it seem like they give a damn about the law.

More and more info seems to be coming to light as the days go on, and I just don't like the direction this seems to be going.