The Guru's Playoff Predictions...

The whole Williams thing still has me in a sour mood when it comes to a meaningless game of football, but the playoffs roll on and I might as well give my predictions for this weekend's games...

Saturday --

Kansas City @ Indianapolis -- What's worse?  Missing the playoffs or sneaking in a getting drop kicked in the first round.  This is the designer pick becuase the Colts have had trouble against the run and the Chiefs run as well as anyone.  What people forget is that the Chiefs road defense isn't much better and the Colts play much better in the dome.  Oh, and when you are losing 21-0 the running game goes out the window.  I like the Colts 34 - 20

Dallas @ Seattle -- If a road team is going to win this weekend, and last year roadies went 3-1 in these games, Dallas will be the one.  Too bad for Dallas they are playing their worst ball of the season.  Tony Romo realized he is Tony Romo, T.O. is, well, T.O. and the defense just got shredded by Jon Kitna and the Detroit Lions, yiks.  Seattle has it's own troubles, but this team might be the most dangerous team in the NFC.  They are playoff tested, and sometimes you just need to get there.  That's what the Seahawks have done and I don't think they'll blow it.  I take the 'Hawks 27 - 21.


N.Y. Jets @ New England -- 8 weeks ago the student beat the master when the Jets went into Foxboro and beat the Pats.  That was the regualr season, the playoffs are a different animal.  Billy Boy is gooing to want to put his pupil in his place and I think this will be the blowout of the weekend.  Billy is pissed, Brady is pissed, and the Jets have done it woth smoke and mirrors.  I like the Pats to win big, Patriots 31 - 13.

NY Giants @ Philadelphia -- The Jeff Garcia bubble is going to burst, sometime.  Will it be this week?  I am tempted, just becuase the Giants rediscovered Tiki Barber last week and the Giants and Eagles know each other pretty well.  The G-Men beat the Eagles in Philly, and were leading in the 4th quarter at home until a could of late turnovers turned the game around.  If Strahan were in the game, maybe, but without him, and the fact that I don't trust Eli Manning, AT ALL, leads me to take the Eagles, in a tough, tough ballgame, Eagles 24 - 20.

Your turn....What do you guys and gals think???

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