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NFL Truly Has Class

I have to tip my cap to the National Football League.  In light of the Darrent William tragedy the league has shown that it has it's priorities in order.

First came word that the Commissioner, Roger Goodell, would be in attendance at the funeral service tomorrow.  Could you imagine David Stern or Bud Selig missing playoff games in their respective leagues to attend a funeral?  Vice president of player development Mike Haynes and NFL vice president of public relations Greg Aiello are also expected to attend.

In addition to the league office, representatives from other NFL teams and Oklahoma State, where Williams played college ball, as well as the NFL Players Association are expected to attend.

If all of that weren't enough, it was brought to my attention(hat tip to Broncette) that the NFL announced it was returning the $15,000 fine Williams received for arguing with officials near the end of the November 19th game with San Diego.  The money will go to the Williams family, most likely to the Children's Fund.  The NFL didn't have to do this.  And while 15 grand is nothing to a multi-billion dollar giant like the NFL it is huge to that family and those kids, and the NFL showed why it is the best of the major sports leagues in this country.

Well done, Roger Goodell, Well done National Football League