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Williams Memorial Attracts Thousands; Possible Suspect Arrested

While the Broncos will travel to Fort Worth, TX tomorrow to attend the funeral for Darrent Williams, today was a day shared with friends, family, and anyone else who wanted to come out and remember the 24 year old who was killed in the early morning hours of January 1.

Thousands poured into the ceremony, which was held at Great Commission Baptist Church Friday Night.  In situations like this, things usually get harder before they get easier, and I am certain that was the case in William's home town, where he was able to escape the tough streets, only never to forget his roots.

During the funeral tomorrow many of Williams teammates are expected to speak, including Pat Bowlen, Mike Shanahan and Al Wilson, among others.  

As far as the investigation, the DENVER POST is reporting that Denver Police have made an arrest that could be related to the shooting.  Willie Clark, 23, was arrested at about 5:45 p.m. Friday by the Denver police department's fugitive unit, according to Sonny Jackson, Denver police spokesman.  The reason for the arrest was classified as a "parole violation", but a spokesman confirmed that Clark was being questioned about the case.

A tip of the hat to the DPD, who seem to be working this case expeditiously, while being thorough at the same time.   Hopefully it won't be too long until Darrent Williams and his family get justice....

Photo Courtesy of and the DFW Star-Telegram