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The Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda's of Wild-Card Weekend

Sometimes it's the bets you don't make that come back to haunt you.  I have been known to play the numbers a little bit, not Art Schlicter-like, but enough to to know what I am talking about and be a resource for people I know.

I had a decent year, not great, but finsihed ahead.  Fast forward to this weekend and my PICKS for the four playoff games.  Last year, the road team went 3-1 during Wild-Card weekend.  There was alot of talk that it might happen again, simply becuase road teams this weekend are usually playing better ball than the home team becuase they probably had to fight just to get in.  An interesting theiry, for sure, but one that I did not take to this year.

So, to review, here were my picks for each game, followed by the result....

Kansas City @ Indianapolis -- People actually thougt the Chiefs had a shot in this one.  A 9-7 team is a 9-7 team for a reason, and the Colts play a much different style of game at home.  Even with the Colts playing hooribly, the Chiefs couldn't muster a single first down in the 1st half and Larry Johnson struggled to 32 yards.  Though I was a bit surprised by the low-scoring, I was not surprised by the margin of victory.  Chalk one up for the Guru - My Pick - Colts 34-20(14 points), Actual - Colts 23-8(15 points) --  WIN

Dallas @ Seattle -- The closest I came to taking a road team this weekend was this game, though I had a strange feeling that Dallas would find a way to blow, and boy did they ever.  A safety, followed by a bothced hold by the Romonator, and the Cowboys are going home....Again.  Hey, national media, the Cowboys haven;t won a single playoff game in A DECADE!  To put that into perspective, the Arizona Cardinals have won a playoff game in that span, over the Cowboys no less.  My Pick - Seahawks 27-21(6 points), Actual - Seahawks 21-20(1 point) -- WIN

NY Jets @ New England -- This was my blow-out special of the weekend.  I knew Billy Boy and Brady would be geeked up to show the Mangenious who the real mastermind was.  I will give credit to the Jets for hanging around as long as they did, with the help of a Corey Dillon fumble.  Which reminds me, Dillon may fumble more that Tatum Bell.  Amazing.  In the end, however, it was the Patriots showing the Jets who's the boss, and sending Pennington and Co. home for the year.  My Pick - Patriots 31 - 13(18 points), Actual - Patriots 37-16(19 points) -- WIN

NY Giants @ Philadelphia -- I thought this would be a slug-fest, with the Giants having too much talent to lose big, while Jeff Garcia has got to wake up and realize he is, in fact, Jeff Garcia.  I still thought the Eagles would be too  much at home for a Giants' defense without names like Strahan and Arrington.  Tiki Barber played like it was his last game, and Eli Manning is quickly becoming a draft bust.  Chances are Tom Coughlin has coached his last game, so let the Charlie Weis rumors begin.  My Pick - Eagles 24-20(4 points), Actual - Eagles 23 - 20(3 points) -- WIN

Final tally, 4 games, 4 wins, 8 points off in total point differental.  Not bad.  And for those keeping track, a 4 team teaser, just pikcing winners, $100 best would have netted $1340.  Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda, no doubt about it....