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Javon Walker Spotted....Congrats To The Gators

There has been a Javon Walker sighting, though the when and where seem a bit odd.  Walker and teammate Champ Bailey were seen at Tryst, a nightclub in the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas last Thursday night.

Walker told the team that "he needed to get away from Denver for awhile".  The pair left Denver after the private memorial service last Wednesday.  Bailey accompanied the team to Fort Worth, TX for the funeral service while Walker informed teammates that he wouldn't be able to handle it.

Let me just say that I am in no position to advise anyoe how they shouls handle a situation like this, nor am I judging Javon Walker.  I just know that the nightclub scene would have an effect on me as well, and it might be something I would have to avoid for awhile.

I hope Javon is finding the stregth to get through this and wish him the best.


Can someone tell me what the hell happened last night? As I have stated before I am a big Ohio State fan, living in the Buckeye state for the past 25+ years. I wasn't expecting a blowout in any way shape or form, but I thought the Bucks would get the W.

I was a bit off to say the least. There is no doubt that the loss of Ted Ginn Jr. played a huge role in the game, but Florida was simply too fast, too strong, and too prepared.

Hats off to Urban Meyer, an Ohio guy, for getting it done in such a short time, eeriliy similar to Tressel's championship in 2003, doing it with another coach's recruits. The challenge for Meyer, as it was for Tressel, is to recruit strong and keep the Gators in the national spotlight.

To get a SBNation view, check out the AROUND THE OVAL for Ohio State chatter, and SWAMP BALL for the take from Florida.