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Ousted Coyer Releases Statement

In what I see as a classy move, former Broncos Defensive Coordinator Larry Coyer issued a statement after the he was relieved of his duties Tuesday Afternoon.  Let me know your thoughts....

"The Broncos have decided to make a change at my position of defensive coordinator. I've held this position for various teams and was well aware that when accepting the change from linebacker coach to the coordinator position I could always be the first to be replaced. Nevertheless, I wanted to do what I know best and I wanted the opportunity to do it what I consider one of the best.
"Make no mistake, I was very aware that some hard changes had to be made in several areas and as the season worked its way to the end, and then after it ended, I made my concerns known as it pertained to the defense.

"Prior to the season's end I opted to put all my efforts into game planning. At least we were able to win two of the last three games. Did (we) always coach and play to our best ability? No! No one does. There is always room to do better. However, I am not the person judging my decision to put all of game-planning efforts into the last three games while I was laying plans for changes I would like to see at season's end or the decision to replace me. I have the highest regard for (Mike Shanahan) and have no choice but to accept his decision and do so with as much dignity and grace as I can muster.

"Any time season goes as this season has gone somebody had to pay the price. Sadly, with broken hearts for both (wife) Jan and myself, regretfully, that day has fallen on my shoulders. I said `and sadly and with broken hearts' because we have truly loved being part of this outstanding organization.

"I sincerely appreciate the opportunity I have had to coach some fine young men. And I am truly grateful for all their efforts. This year they have spent a good part of the season defending the red zone and a short field and for a while were on pace to set an NFL record. Most often they did it with all they were capable of doing. For those who gave all they were capable of giving I can ask no more. As the season wore down they were injured and when some could not play others came in to try and fill the gaps. To them I say `thank you' and to those who gave their best. This defense may or may not know it, but I truly loved them and will miss them.

"I'm grateful to those on my staff who gave their all and they know who they are. There are not enough words to express I appreciate the outstanding people who make up the Broncos staff, including the video, media, equipment, security and support staff, including my buddy (Broncos' custodian) Simn.

"My thanks as well to all of the supportive fans who were there time after time and with encouraging and insightful words.

"Again my sweet and constant supportive wife, Jan, who's stood shoulder to shoulder with me to support this team and I appreciate the opportunity to be here and wish only the best for the Denver Broncos, their fans and this community.

"Thank you."

Update [1/10/07 by TheSportsGuru]:Also relieved of his duties was Andre Patterson, D-Line coach for the past 2 seasons. Patterson was in Cleveland prior to his stop in Denver and is a major reason many former Cleveland Browns now reside in Denver.