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Shanny's Monday Post-Mortem...err...Presser

Shanny took center stage as he does on every Monday, and in typical post-loss fashion his answers were brief and the press conference short, unlike the Colts running attack yesterday...Here is what the coach had to say....

On RB Travis Henry --
"He's having an MRI both on his ankle and his knee. We'll find out more after we get the results. "

On RB Selvin Young
"I can't say that it surprised me that he's been doing a good job for us. He's made some big plays. That one screen play, if we had a little bit better blocking down field he goes the distance."

On run defense --
"We've just got to keep working on it. We've been pretty inconsistent throughout the preseason. We've just got to keep on working at it. It's very similar to what Indianapolis went through last year, but they picked it up around the playoffs and played a little bit better so we're going to keep on working at it."

On defensive changes affecting defensive play --
"I think it's a little bit of the system, a little bit of the personnel."

On tackling --
"When you take a look at it, you know assignments, you know when people make mistakes and it's something we've got to work on and hopefully we get better."

On taking a while for defense to adapt to changes --
"If you don't rush the football and if you don't stop the run you're not going to be very good at offense or defense so we've got to get better and work on it."

On Indianapolis' struggles last season giving Broncos hope --
"That's what you work on, you work on the things you're doing poorly and we're going to work on them and get better."

On the Rockies situation --
"I didn't know until this morning exactly what happened, but I'm excited for them and what a way to finish the month and have a chance to get into the post season. We're just keeping our fingers crossed. What's so great is everybody had so many question marks about everybody, organization, players, and to see them come back like they have is what you pull for. You can tell there is a lot of character and a lot of people going in the same direction."

On special teams --
"I was critical because we had poor field position and we've been working on it extremely hard and obviously it hasn't paid off yet. We've had some great effort but not a whole lot of productivity. We've just got to keep on working at it. It's a lot of different things, sometimes it will be a poor kick or a great kick and when you take a look at field position, you've got to have 11 guys doing the little things the right way. Sometimes it's the returner, sometimes it's the coverage. It only takes one, but we're not getting it done and we're going to keep on working on it and hopefully one of these days it'll pay off."

On red zone chances --
"We've got to score more than we have in the red zone. We had an opportunity to have a number of big plays and we were just a hair away. You play the game offensively like we did against Indy, good things are going to happen. We played hard, made a couple mistakes but if we give that type of effort, good things are going to happen. We let a couple opportunities slip by, but it'll come."

On slumping AFC West --
"You never know what's going to happen. San Diego has played some tough teams and that's the nature of this game, you've got to win those close games and if you don't, your backs are against the wall and you see how you respond."

On Oakland's 2-2 record --
"We've talked about this at length before. Anytime you finish third in the National Football League in defense, not to be 8-8 or 9-7, it just doesn't happen unless your offense is completely inept and that's what happened a year ago. Their offense, they're running the football, doing some good things. They're playing some excellent defense, it doesn't surprise me."

On DE Kenny Peterson --
"He's going to be back this week. We have one week where we have to make a decision. He's going to be with us next week and we'll see what type of shape he's in compared to the other players and make a decision."