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Guru Predicts....Week 6 In The NFL

The Broncos may have the weekend off, but not me.  The Guru never sleeps, never rests, never takes a break when it comes to picking games.  An up and down week with my straight picks being up, while my spread picks not so much.  Like a closer in baseball you have to have a short memory if you are going to be a Guru like me.  Let's get 'er done!

Remember, of course, this is for recreational purposes ONLY!

LAST WEEK - Straight 10-4

                    Spread  6-8

OVERALL - Straight 50-26(.657)

                Spread   36-40(.473)

St. Louis(+9.5) @ Baltimore - The Rams are awful, and we all know too well what Gus Frerotte can bring to a football team.  Frerotte is just good enough to tease, then throws one horrible pass that ends up going for 6 the other way.  And to think the Broncos wanted him to be the backup for Jay Cutler....Yikes!  Baltimore is a train-wreck on offense also, and in no way can beat any team by double-digits.  I'll take the points, but the Ravens should get the win.

  Ravens 16 - 9 -- 5 Stars(out of 10)

Washington @ Green Bay(-3.5)
- This game is the perfect test for my 'up and coming team' theory.  Ya see, when a team is up and coming, they first must dominate at home.  Then comes the winning on the road part.  The 'Skins shredded the Lions in Washington last week, but now must travel to Lambeau to face a grumpy Packer team coming off a loss to the Bears last week.  I like the Skins and think they will be formidable as the season goes on, but it's tough to win in the NFL, especially on the road.  I'll give the points and take the Pack to win it.

  Packers 20 - 14 (4 Stars)

Tennessee @ Tampa Bay(-2.5)
- I'll give the points and take the Bucs.  Why?  See Above!

 Buccaneers 17 - 13(6 Stars)

Cincinnati(-3.5) @ Kansas City
- Both of these teams are a mess, and both struggle mightily on one side of the ball.  The Chiefs have a semi-solid defense, and can really get after the QB, but have zero offense.  The Bengals defense is a mess, but the one thing they can do is force turnovers, and once they get one they get them in bunches.  Give the Bengals offense a short field and it's curtains I tell ya. CURTAINS!  Even in Arrowhead I like the Bengals to beat up on teh Chiefs, give the points.

  Bengals 27 - 14(7 Stars)

Philadelphia(-2.5) @ New York Jets
- In a rare scheduling quirk, the Eagles are playing a Meadowlands Sandwich with a BYE week in the middle.  After getting dismantled by the Giants two weeks ago and having last week off, the Eagles head back to the swampland of New Jersey to take on Ney York's other team, the Jets.  Andy Reid is 8-0 after a BYE week, and the Jets don't figure to blemish that mark this week, unless of course they decide to start Kellon Clemons instead of 'Noodle-Arm' Chad Pennington.  Not likely.  Eagles in a rout.

  Eagles 31 - 20(9 stars)

Houston(+6.5) @ Jacksonville
- I am sold.  These Jaguars are for real.  The QB change has made much more of an impact than I thought.  David Garrard is simply not making mistakes, and when you have a solid defense and you don't turn the ball over good things usually happen.  The Texans always play the Jags tough, however, and they fit into the same mold as the other up and coming teams not ready to win a big road game.  The Texans find a way to stay close but the Jags roll on.

  Jaguars 13 - 7(7 Stars)

Minnesota @ Chicago(-5.5)
- I have been hard on the Vikings all season, and my claims have been proven accurate.  The Vikings defense is pretty good, but their offense is weak and their Head Coach hasn't a clue on how to manage a football game.  The Bears got their mojo back in the second half last week against the Packers, and should be amped up at home.  One never does truly know what one will get from Brien Griese, but with that defense all he has to do is not lose the game.  It will be enough this week.

  Bears 24 - 10(7 Stars)

Miami @ Cleveland(-4.5_
- Can someone please tell Joey Porter he no longer plays for the Steelers and that the team he does play for is 0-5???  He has guaranteed victory twice this season, and now he is taking shots at Browns TE Kellen Winslow, who simply stated that Porter need a hug.  Classic.  The Browns have weapons on offense, and the Dolphins, with Clep Lemon at the helm, won't score many points, even against a porous Browns defense.  Give the points, the Browns win big.

  Browns 27 - 13(9 Stars)

Carolina @ Arizona(-4.5)
- After years of being a walkover, the Cardinals, under Head Coach Ken Whisenhunt and OL Coach Russ Grimm, are playing a bit of smash-mouth football and are actually wearing teams down in the 2nd half.  The Panthers just can't seem to get out of their own way and will reportedly start 83-year old Vinny Testaverde, who they signed this past week.  What do you think is going to happen?

  Cardinals 27 - 17(7 Stars)

New Orleans @ Seattle(-6.5)
- 2007 has been a disaster for the NFL's surprise team of 2006.  I guess the Saints are finding out how hard it is in the NFL when there are actual expectations placed on you.  Somewhere in between all the commercials and talk show appearances you need to find time to actually prepare and practice, something the Saints must not have done.  Now they have to travel across the country and take on the Seahawks, who were embarrassed by the Steelers last week.  Not fun, not fun at all.  Give the points, the 'Aints are back!

  Seahawks 23 - 10(8 Stars)

Oakland(+10.5) @ San Diego
- I think after watching the Chargers last weekend it is safe to say they are back and better than ever.  Norv Turner finally realized the Chargers best chance at winning is to give the ball to L.T. and Michael Turner as much as humanly possible.  This week, the Oakland Raiders come to town, having two weeks to prepare.  The Raiders are much improved and should give the Chargers a scare before Daunte Culpepper remembers he is in fact Daunte Culpepper.  Take the points, but the Chargers win.

  Chargers 24 - 20(7 Stars)

New England(-4.5) @ Dallas
- Moss Vs T.O, Brady Vs Romo, Belichick Vs Jerah Jones.  Interesting sub-plots one and all.  Too bad the biggest mismatch is the Pats offense Vs the Cowboy defense.  The Cowboys are weak in the back, and the Patriots simply love starting a game with 4 wides, shotgun, no-huddle.  It's what they did to the Chargers and to the Bengals, two teams with similar defenses to the Cowboys.  The 'Boys rely on DeMarcus Ware getting to the QB, but Brady and the Pats will not give him a chance to get there.  On the other side, while Tony Romo has already been molded for a bust in Canton, the Cowboys think so highly of him they still haven't signed him to a contract extension.  Romo needed a miracle to beat the Bills last week, but the Patriots aren't the Bills, and no one in the NFC can hold the jock of the best teams in the AFC.  The Pats flex their muscle, Romo and T.O. get into a lovers quarrel on the sidelines.

  Patriots 31 - 23(10 Stars)

New York Giants(-3.5) @ Atlanta
- Can't get any better than this on Monday Night!  Tiki Barber Vs. Michael Vick....err...that's what the League and ESPN had to be thinking, but the retirement of Barber, along with the arrest of Vick makes this one of the worst Monday Night match-ups in history.  Simply awful.  The Giants are actually playing some good football, while the Falcons destroyed whatever was left of Joey Harrington's confidence by pulling him in the 4th quarter last week.  One night when the baseball playoffs might actually beat the NFL in TV ratings.  Giants big.  

  Giants 24 - 17(9 Stars)

Your turn.  Leave your picks in the comments and let me know how crazy I am!!!