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Purple Row and The Good Phight -- Tonight On The SBNation Sports Report!

THE SB NATION SPORTS REPORT, the official podcast of SB Nation.
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Baseball and NFL football are the prime topics tonight for hosts TheSportsGuru and BigBlueShoe on the SB Nation Sports Report, the official podcast of SB Nation!

Who's stumbling in the studio door tonight?
RussPR of SB Nation's Colorado Rockies blog, Purple Row, and Peter Baker, a contributor at SB Nation's Phillies site The Good Phight, will call in to talk about their teams' amazing run to the post-season and how both teams will fair against each other in the MLB Wild Card round.

What else will we cram into an hour?
Week Four in the NFL is in the books, and TheSportsGuru is still kicking BigBlueShoe's butt with the picks. BBS got a certain measure of revenge when his Colts beat Guru's Broncos Sunday. A full recap of Week Four's big games, and a preview of Week Five.

Is it BYOB?
BigBlueShoe suggests that SoCo shots are a big no-no after consuming eight beers in a four hour period. BBS learned that (again) the hard way last Friday.

Tune in tonight at 9pm Eastern, 6pm Pacific, on the SB Nation Sports Report at Now!