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Steelers @ Broncos -- Game Day Open Thread -- 2nd Quarter


Date: Sunday, October 21, 2007

Time: 6:15 p.m. MST

Teams: Pittsburgh Steelers (4-1) at Denver Broncos (2-3)

Location: Invesco Field @ MileHigh - Denver, CO


Broncos Third Drive....cont.

--The Broncos start the 2nd quarter with a first down in Steeler's territory
--Cutler has to drop that one off. Another game, another INT for Cutler. The trials and tribulations of a young QB

Steelers Fourth Drive

--Looks like the Steelers have decided enough is enough and have gone back to the run. Huge play for Parker
--An Ian Gold sighting brings up a 3rd down. Can the Broncos make it 2 in a row???
--How the Broncos don't come with the sack I have no idea, but the possession is a success

Broncos Fourth Drive

--3 and out by the Broncos, and a good thing that last pass was too tall for Marshall.

Steelers Fifth Drive --

--Tomlin will waste a challenge. No way this is a catch by Ward
--Broncos have done a solid job against the run tonight....So far that is...
--Another INT for the defense, this time D.J. Williams. The Broncos are definitely doing some things differently tonight.

Broncos Fifth Drive --

--Smart by Marshall...Get what you can and get down
--WHAT A RUN BY CUTLER!! And the penalty on Tina Turner to boot! Broncos have a first and goal, looking to take the lead...
--Hard running by Travis Henry gets the ball to the 1.
--Henry gets close, but not close enough and the Broncos are faced with a 3rd and goal from inside the one
--TOUCHDOWN BRONCOS!! Cutler has his 2nd TD pass of the night and the Broncos have the lead!! BRONCOS 14 -- Steelers 7

Steelers Sixth Drive --

--Big moment in this game. 4:00 left in the half. Broncos D needs to make a stand and preserve the lead heading into the locker room
--Big play for the Steelers, who are moving down the field in search of an answer of their own...
--Nice to see a Broncos DT in the face of an opposing quarterback

--TOUCHDOWN BRONCOS!!!TOUCHDOWN BRONCOS!!! Tim Crowder scoops up the fumble, caused by Elvis Dumervil, and the Broncos defense has come to play big time tonight!!!BRONCOS 21 -- Steelers 7

Steelers Seventh Drive --

--Solid coverage by the kick team again, and the defense gets right back on the field
--Broncos get pressure again, this time sending only 4. How great is this to see!!!
--Solid pressure again, but Ben is able to make a play. I love the intensity coming from the front 4 tonight!
--Broncos get the ball to start the 2nd half, so a stop here would be huge.
--The hurry-up giving the defense a bit of trouble...
--Roethlisberger is again able to get away and the Steelers have another first down.
--Dueling chants break out in the stands....What the hell has happened to the home-field advantage in Denver???
--This has to be a hold on the Steelers, and it is....
--Dumervil is a monster tonight!! An absolute, freakin' monster!!!
--The Steelers were in FG range, but now are looking at a Hail Mary to end the half....
--I stand corrected.....They'll let Jeff Reed try a 65 yard FG.
--It's short and Dre Bly runs out of bounds to end the half....
--What a half it is. Three turnovers, a defensive TD and multiple sacks. Is all well in Broncos Country?? At least for a half it is.

HALFTIME -- BRONCOS 21 -- Steelers 7