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Brandon Marshall Starting To Pile Up The Strikes

Brandon Marshall is in the news again, and again it if for all the wrong reasons.  Marshall is ultra talented, ultra out-spoken, and like I have said many times on MHR Radio is is also high risk.  Marshall lives his life much like he plays football -- balls to the wall -- and for the third time that lifestyle has brought Marshall smack-dab into the middle of the wrong type of spotlight.

Just hours after the Broncos solidified a season-saving win over the Pittsburgh Steelers, Marshall was arrrested in Downtown Denver on suspicion of Driving Under the Influence.  According to the report, Marshall was booked, cited and released.  For those keeping score at home this is the 3rd time Marshall has has a run-in with the law.

Earlier in the off-season Marshall was involved in a dispute with a female acquaintance, reportedly not allowing the woman to leave his property.  Marshall claimed the woman had his cell phone.  And prior to that it was Marshall and his cousin who reportedly were having words with suspected gang members in a Denver bar on New Year's Eve, an altercation police believe ended with the murder of Darrent Williams.

I have said it over and over.  Marshall is a tremendous talent and can become a top-flight receiver in the NFL.  To do that, however, he needs to grow up and take responsibility for himself.  The only thing that can stop Brandon Marshall is Brandon Marshall, and he need only look at players like Chris Henry, and receiver with alot of talent who is finding it hard to get back onto the field.  The New-World Order of the Roger Goodell NFL frowns heavily on any run-in with the law and simply won't stand for multiple "offenses".

We have talked alot about the leadership on this football team, or the lack thereof.  This is a case in point.  Someone needs to grab Brandon Marshall by the facemask and get this guy to get his head on straight.  He is slowly heading down a path of no return, and the Broncos simply can't afford to miss on another high draft pick.

I hope, as all of you do, that this is the last time Marshall's name appears on anything other than the box-score and I can once again boot my laptop without worrying about what horrible news about the Broncos I am going to find out about now!

Hat Tip to Binford04 to breaking this story in a Diary