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Packer @ Broncos -- Monday Night Football Game Night Open Thread


Date: Monday, October 29, 2007

Time: 6:00 p.m. MST

Teams: Green Bay Packers (5-1) at Denver Broncos (3-3)

Location: Invesco Field @ MileHigh - Denver, CO


Broncos Inactives --

RB Travis Henry
WR Javon Walker
RB Mike Bell
DT Amon Gordon
DE Jarvis Moss
DB Jeff Shoate
DT Isaac Snell
S  Hamza Abdullah

NOTES -- I have to admit there is some surprise that Jarvis Moss is inactive.  With Simeon Rice set to go I look at this as Rice's last significant chance to make an impact in the pass rush.  The Packers figure to throw the ball alot and Rice has had some success against the Packers.  Also, with Mike Bell inactive, the Broncos will dress only three backs -- Young, Hall, and Cecil Sapp.

Packers Inactives --

CB Will Blackmon
RB Brandon Jackson
CB Frank Walker
C Scott Wells
TE Bubba Franks
DT Justin Harrell
DT Daniel Muir
DE Michael Montgomery

NOTES -- And people think we have had bad luck with the draft?  The Packers top 2 picks in the 2007 draft are both inactive.  First Rounder Justin Harrell has been my bust of the year so far, while RB Brandon Jackson, taken in the 2nd Round, hasn't been much better.  Bubba Franks injury is welcome news because teams have killed the Broncos with their TE's.

Pre-Game Notes --

--Does anyone really care who Stuart Scott thinks will win the game? That's why I NEVER watch the pre-game show.
--Tony Romo finally gets his big money signing a huge extension. Time to see if he is worth it...
--Hank Williams' pre-game jam has to be the longest running opening anthem...Feel free to do the research...
--Well, it took exactly 13 seconds for someone to express their love for Brett Favre. Remote is in hand, with my finger firmly pressed on the MUTE button
--I just threw up in my mouth. Kornheiser comparing Favre to Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan. I just broke the remote, crushing it with my bare hands.
--At least they just admitted that Favre gets a pass for being horrible. Oh...wait...I just threw up again....


Broncos First Drive --

--Not the best start, a poor return made worse by a penalty....
--Nice improve, only to have the shuffle-pass dropped by Mustard...
--One play, one Favre/Cutler comparison...It's going to be a long night...
--On the next play Kornholio compares Cutler to Romo...Of course he doesn't mention that Cutler was a rookie last year while Romo was in his 4th season in Dallas...Pitiful....
--Oh, and another first down for the Broncos...
--Scheffler takes a fore-arm to the head, no call....
--It will end in a punt, but a solid drive, flipping the field-position. Now Sauerbrun needs to pin Favre deep. He can't...Complete Failure.

Packers First Drive --

--The idiots in the booth giggle with school-girl glee now that Favre is coming into the game. There's that feeling in my stomach again...
--The Packers throw on first down, gaining three to Donald Driver. What a throw by Favre however...Ugh...
--A drop, and Kornholio tells us that it should have been caught. Wonder if he cleans his Jock-Strap as well...
--And the Packers go 3 and out, and to hear these a-holes you'd think Favre drove them down for a TD. Nice job by the defense!

Broncos Second Drive --

--Solid return by Martinez has the Broncos in decent field position.
--Hey, hey, hey...Daniel Graham with his second catch...Their's hope for my pre-season lock after all!
--I Love Selvin Young!!!
--I was just wondering about Brandon Stokely....And there he is, with a 15-yard penalty to boot. Awesome throw by Cutler and the Broncos have a First and Goal!!
--Two run plays get the Broncos to the 4. That second chance wasn't very good. The Broncos did a great job last week getting into the end-zone, this is a big play
--Another penalty on the Packers will give the Broncos a first and goal. PUNCH IT IN!!!
--Not this time. Broncos need to try and pass it in, no doubt about it. A bootleg would be nice to see here.
--There it is....Bootleg and Cutler gets the ball to Scheffler for the Touchdown. TOUCHDOWN BRONCOS. BRONCOS 7 - Packers 0 The Favre love-fest gets put on hold for a bit....

Packers Second Drive --

--Nice job on coverage...Question -- Is there going to be a video montage every time Favre take the field?? Where's the Pepto??
--Huge play, and it goes to Bailey's side. The Favre love-fest will really shift into high gear now. Bailey definitely seems to be hindered by the leg injury. Touchdown Packers -- BRONCOS 7 -- Packers 7
--Kornholio sucks..."I thought noone beats Champ Bailey....That guy(shot on Favre) beat Champ Bailey" AAAAAARRRRRRRRRGHHHH!!

Broncos Third Drive --

--Broncos need to answer once again. It's going to be one of those games I have a feeling....
--Solid run, and another Packers penalty will move the ball 15 more yards. Nice!!!
--Another penalty and once again it is against the Packers. No wonder the Packers defense is "so good"....they cheat!
--The Packers are really stacking the line to stop the run. Time to go deep!
--Stokley again and another first down for the Broncos
--Another solid throw, but Marshall can't hold on. Need to make that catch...
--GREAT PLAY CALL! THe Packers bring the blitz and the Broncos run the screen. Need an example showing Cutler's improvement? There it is!!
--The quarter comes to an end on a run by Andre Hall to the 2. I like Hall at the goal-line, seems to run harder than Young...