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Packers 19 - Broncos 13 -- Post Game Quotes


General --
"That's a tough one to lose.  We had our opportunities.  Any time you're one-for-four in the red zone against a team that's five-and-one and playing pretty well it's hard to win those types of football games.  We still had a chance.  Obviously, they made the big play in overtime.  It was an excellent throw by [QB] Brett [Favre].  It's one of those plays that has to be perfect.  They were right on the money, and as I said earlier, we had our chances, but we weren't able to close the deal."

On the Third-and-One Play at the End of Regulation --
"They were playing bracket coverage and usually you have a chance there, especially with third-and-a-yard you have a chance to kill it.  If you do make it, obviously we didn't make it, and you've got to tie it up.  You may catch them by surprise - not expecting a run in that situation, especially when they are bracketing the outside receivers.  They did a good job up front of stuffing it.  Obviously, we didn't make the play."

On RB Selvin Young's Performance --
"Well, I've got to take a look at the film, but I thought he did a very good job for his first game.  I thought he came back in the second half and made some plays.  Of course that one penalty we had took back a long yarder [long gain].  That's what you've got to do against a defense like that, which has an excellent front four.  You're not going to get some big plays, but every once in a while you've got to take advantage of it.  I thought we had one but they called it back."

On the Fumble at the Goal Line in the Second Quarter --
"You know I couldn't tell [if it was actually a fumble].  Anytime you get the ball down there, you have to be able to get points, obviously a touchdown, but I couldn't tell exactly what happened."

On the Green Bay 79-yard Touchdown Pass --
"They're going to get some big plays, and I thought we were moving the ball extremely well on the first couple drives and obviously they tied it up with that big play.  Then I believe in the first half we were 0-for-3 in key third downs.  On the last drive, I was pleased that we showed some poise, we made some plays when we had to make them.  Unfortunately, we couldn't put it away."

On the Fourth-and-Seventh Decision to Punt instead of Attempting a Field Goal --
"Well, from 55 yards, with over eight minutes left - I thought we had a chance to push them back, and luckily we did.  When the ball's at the 20 yard line, obviously you think twice, but it was a great kick to the three-yard line and that's what you're hoping for with that much time left.  The wind was blowing a little bit, and a 55-yarder, and I'm saying, `Hey, that's when the percentages are going the other way'."

On Red Zone Offense Mentality --
"Well, there it's a little bit different - you're dealing with the clock with no time-outs, you've got 24 seconds.  The first one was a fade, obviously if you do run the football, and you don't get the first down, you have to do what we did.  You have to kick the field goal and if you do you have to be able to spike it, and you've got two plays left.  Last week we were three-for-three [in the red zone], this week we were one-for-four, so we didn't get it done.  That's something that we've worked on.  If you want to be a good offensive football team, you've got to score in the red zone. Any time you're 25% [success], that's not good enough."

On DE Jarvis Moss Being Inactive --
"After last week, it looked like he was a little bit beat up.  We wanted to give [DE] Simeon [Rice] a chance.  We did it after looking at the film."

On Green Bay Running the Ball --
"I thought they'd try [running the ball a lot].  I was just reading the articles during the week.  They were trying to establish the running game a little bit, and trying to take some of the pressure off [QB] Brett [Favre].  That's not surprising."

On Not Playing RB Travis Henry --
"I can't say he wasn't ready to go, so hopefully he'll be ready for next week."


QB Jay Cutler --

General --
"I wish I had a couple of throws back, but you can't play like that against a good team and win. I missed that one throw to [WR] Brandon [Marshall] and I wish I had that one back. It's a play that would have won it, and it would have iced it for us."

"We have a lot of talent and a lot of veterans that are hungry. We just have to get back at it and go from there."

"A QB like Brett Favre has been doing this his whole career. This was a tough one to take."

On the Fumble on the Packers One-Yard Line --
"Me and [C] Chris [Myers] just mixed it up. That's been a problem for us all year, with turnovers in the red zone and penalties."

WR Brandon Stokley --

General --
"That's what happens when you don't finish things off in this league, it comes down to a coin flip."

"We just have to get back to work. We had a lot of games at home to start the season and now we have a lot of games on the road. It doesn't matter, we just have to play good football."

WR Glenn Martinez --

General --
"It's always good to get opportunites to play. If it would have come in a different circumstance it would have been more exciting."

"It was a fun game out there, that's what you live for. You want the ball in your hands, and I just want to help the team out in whatever way I can."

"We lost. We have to sink it in tonight and come out ready tomorrow."

On The Game-Tying Field Goal --
"It's becoming routine for us. We have confidence because we run these drills during practice."

LB Ian Gold --

On Green Bay's Game-Winning Touchdown --
"[CB] Dre [Bly] is a great cornerback. I'll take that guy any day. He's one of the greatest cornerbacks in this league."

On Denver's Run Defense --
"I thought we did a good job stopping the run all day long. We just have to shore up the pass."

On his cousin, Green Bay WR Greg Jennings' Game-Winning Touchdown --
"I didn't know whether to put my head down, or go and celebrate. "

DE Elvis Dumervil --

General --
"The only thing that we can do is look toward Detroit and get this thing going the right way. We play our best games under pressure. We just have to play hard in Detroit and play Broncos football."

On Denver's Run Defense --
"Our run defense is getting better. Our coverage is there and we were getting coverage sacks too, but we have to get all of the phases going at the same time."

CB Dre Bly --

General --
"I'm going to regroup, we had the game in our reach and we feel like we should have won."

On the Game Winning Touchdown He Defended On --
"I'm sad that we lost the game, but it was a great throw and catch. [Green Bay QB Brett Favre] Just made a great throw. Brett is a hall of famer and I'm not surprised."

"I've made a lot of plays in my career. I'm not going to hang my head. [WR Greg] Jenning's made a great adjustment to the ball to make the play."