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Walker, Henry Remain Unable To Practice

It's great to have a theory, especially when it gets tested so quickly.  I have been saying the past couple weeks around here that you can tell who will and won't play on Sunday based on participation in Thursday's practice.  Last week, both John Lynch and  Javon Walker missed practice, and in turn, missed the game.  This week Javon Walker was unable to go again, but this time he was joined on the sidelines by Travis Henry.  henry and Walker are nursing leg injuries and with the BYE week rapidly approaching the broncos might be better served by resting two of their most important offensive players.

Everyone was able to go at 100% today with the exception of John Engelberger and Stephen Alexander who both were listed with "Limited Participation".

As for the Chargers, five different players did not participate in practice today, including TE Antonio Gates who is a bit under the weather.  Also on the sideline today were WR Buster Davis(knee), DT Jamal Williams(ankle), LB Carlos Polk(knee) and CB Antonio Cromartie(ribs).

More to come....