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Guru Predicts....Week 5 In The NFL

This whole Travis Henry mess has me behind for the week, but I wanted to give you my picks, especially with how HOT, HOT, HOT I have been the past couple of weeks.  So here they are, no explanations other than to say you can take these picks to the bank!!  $$$$

Remember, of course, this is for recreational purposes ONLY!

LAST WEEK - Straight 9-5

                    Spread  9-5

OVERALL - Straight 40-22(.645)

                Spread   30-32(.484)

Miami(+5.5) @ Houtson
- The Texans are solid, but without Andre Johnson they'll struggle to cover the spread.  Texans win, but take the points.

  Texans 21 - 17 -- 6 Stars(out of 10)

Jacksonville(-2.5) @ Kansas City
- The Jags are coming off their BYE week, while the Chiefs ruined Survivor participants everywhere by beating the Chargers.  Both teams have split personalities, looking solid one week, like a high school JV the next.  I simply like David Garrard more than Damn Huard.  Give the points, Jags win.

  Jaguars 17 - 13 (4 Stars)

New York Jets @ New York Giants(-3.5)
- The Giants have figured out how to play defense, too bad the Jets offense is simply offensive.  Give th points, Giants win big.

 Giants 27 - 13(7 Stars)

Carolina @ New Orleans(-3.5)
- The Saints are too good to stay winless forever.  The Panthers are looking more and more like a team trying to get their coach fired.  Give the points, Saints win.

  Saints 20 - 10(6 Stars)

Cleveland @ New England(-15.5)
- The Browns are starting to play better just in time to face an unstoppable force.  If the spread were 25 we may have a discussion, but 16 seems like a gimme.  Give the points, Pats keep on rollin' like Limp Bizkit.

  Patriots 38 - 14(9 stars)

Detroit(+3.5) @ Washington
- The Lions are coming off an emotional, home, divisional win, while the Skins are coming off a relaxing BYE week.  Winning on the road is the final step for the Lions to become a contender but it is easier said than done.  Skins win a hard-fought battle by a field goal

  Redskins 17-14(6 Stars)

Atlanta @ Tennessee(-8.5)
- Call me a Vince Young believer.  He isn't pretty and his stats won't amaze, except of course for the most important one, wins...The Falcons are a mess and have the one win they'll pick up this season.  Give the popints, Titans win big at home.

  Titans 27 - 10(6 Stars)

Arizona (-2.5) @ St. Louis
- The Rams are a train wreck, and Kurt Warner will enjoy every second of moving the Cardinal offense up and down the field.  Was I even alive the last time the Cards were a road favorite???  Give the points, Cards win.

  Cardinals 24 - 13(7 Stars)

Seattle(+6.5) @ Pittsburgh
- The Steelers came back to earth a little bit last week getting physically beaten by the Cardinals.  The Seahwaks flexed their muscle by dominating the 49'ers.  Giving the Seahawks seven points almost seems unfair, and the 'Hawks are still looking for revenge after getting robbed in the Super Bowl.  Take the points, I like the Seahawks as my upset special of the week

  Seahawks 24 - 17 (6 Stars)

Tampa Bay @ Indianapolis(-10.5)
- The Bucs are a bit of a surprise in 2007, though with Jeff Garcia at the helm we really shouldn't be.  The Colts are really, really good, especially at home, and who better to attack the Tampa-2 defense than teh man who created it.  Bucs play hard but the Colts simply have too much in the dome.

  Colts 28 - 13(6 Stars)

Baltimore(3.5) @ San Francisco
- Do you really think Trent Dilfer is going to beat the Ravens??  Me neither.  Give the points

  Ravens 23 - 13(7 Stars)

San Diego @ Denver(-1.5)
- This is simply a homer pick.  The Broncos cannot afford to drop another game at home, and the Chargers might be prime for the picking.  Travis Henry looks to play in the midst of the swirling controversy, and while the Broncos defense has not been able to stop the run, I have a feeling this week might be a little different.  With John Lynch back it give the Broncos a presence in the run game.  The Broncos will load the box and force Philip Rivers to beat them through the air.  Not a chance.  Broncos get a huge win heading into the BYE week.

  Broncos 23 - 20(5 Stars)

Chicago @ Green Bay(-3.5)
- I have to give credit where credit is due.  Brett Favre has played well and the Pack are a team to be reckoned with in the NFC.  The Bears are still who we thought they were, a solid defense that wears down in the 4th quarter and a joke of an offense.  Lambeau Field, Primetime, rivalry game, Brian Griese.   All reasons to take the Packers

  Packers 27 - 10(9 Stars)

Dallas(10.5) @ Buffalo
- I'm sure after the Bills finished strong last season the schedule makers thoughts this would be a solid matchup.  Then the Bills became a MASH unit and the Cowboys became unbeatable.  This game could get ugly and fast.  10.5 points just doesn't seem like enough, even on the road.

  Cowboys 31 - 13 (9 Stars)

Your turn.  Leave your picks in the comments and let me know how crazy I am!!!