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Henry Remains Defiant, Volunteers For Further Testing

Were we all quick to judge Travis Henry?  Based on his past I'd say no, but to his credit the Broncos running back is trying everything he can to clear his name.  According to Chris Mortenson, Henry has volunteered to submit a hair sample as well as take a polygraph test to prove he's clean.  More from Mort --

Henry has been adamant that he has been clean and he has filed a lawsuit in a New York state court to prevent the league from suspending him as a three-time violator of league's drug policy.

Henry's attorneys want the court to intervene for a number of reasons and hope that a hair sample will prove his innocence. However, the NFL wants the case moved to a federal jurisdiction because the drug policy is collectively bargained with the players union with federal court approval. The policy also does not allow hair samples.

The lie detector's test would be for the club's discretion. The Broncos have routinely asked players to submit to the test and Henry plans to do so this coming week, sources said.

Henry also wants his own handpicked expert to observe the testing of the "B" bottle, a split of the urine that was collected by the league. Under the policy, though, the B sample needs only to confirm that the banned substance is present -- even if the levels of the substance are lower than the A sample, it won't change the result of a positive test.

With the amount of money on the line for Henry should he be suspended I can't ignore that these acts could simply be the result of a desperate man, but I have always said I would fight like hell if I were ever accused of something I didn't do, regardless of how bad it looks.

No matter what, I am hoping that the truth comes out and that the NFL and the court system give the truth a chance to be realized.