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Chargers @ Broncos -- Second Quarter Open Thread


Date: Sunday, October 7, 2007

Time: 2:15 p.m. MST

Teams: San Diego Chargers (1-3) at Denver Broncos (2-2)

Location: Invesco Field @ MileHigh - Denver, CO


Chargers Second Drive cont.... --

--Broncos sending their corners now, which doesn't bode well...
--Gates again, this time against Curome Cox. How much have the Broncos missed Sam Brandon
--Another screen, another big play. The trouble with sending DBs in a run-blitz is you are vulnerable to a screen...
--Can we not celebrate a defensive play when we are losing by 14??
--Another 3rd down....this time the Broncos make the stop and force the field gaol. A small victory, at least.
--Field Goal is good extending the lead...Chargers 17 - BRONCOS 0

Broncos Third Drive --

--All pass, all the time for the Broncos from now on I'd imagine.
--A timeout by the Chargers delays the 3rd and two...
--Another nice catch by Marshall and the Broncos are moving again. They just can't score Touchdowns...
--Now that is how you defend the screen...
--Another punt upcoming and this has the makings of a bottoming out game for the Broncos.

Chargers Third Drive --

--Elvis Dumervil the only consistent defender for the Broncos
--Even when the Broncos make a stop there is a penalty...but the Broncos defense makes a stand and force the punt. Maybe having their backs against the wall is exactly what the defense needs.

Broncos Fourth Drive --

--Solid return by Martinez and the Broncos have good field position to try and make a run at getting back in the game
--Once again the Broncos shoot themselves right in the foot with a holding penalty.
--Two solid plays turns a 1st and 20 into a manageable 3rd and 5. Martinez runs a nice 6-yard route and the Broncos pick up another first down. Broncos need a Touchdown.
--Travis henry running hard, using the stiff arm, and finishing it off by delivering some punishment instead of running out of bounds
Two-Minute Warning -- Chargers 17 - BRONCOS 0
--A drop by Young brings up another 3rd down. Obviously a critical play upcoming...
--The Broncos once again cannot score a touchdown inside the red zone. The battle continues
Chargers 17 - BRONCOS 3

Chargers Fourth Drive --

--I'll say it again. When was the last time the Broncos have forced a turnover??
--Too bad the Broncos have already used their timeouts. As always.
--The BYE week coming at the perfect time
--The Chargers, simply trying to run out the clock, get a gift 3 points, even with the penalty.
--HALFTIME -- Chargers 20 - BRONCOS 3