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Chargers @ Broncos -- Third Quarter Open Thread

Another dismal performance at home for the Broncos in the first half.  The BYE week is coming at the perfect time for the Broncos.  While the final result of this game might be decided I am looking for the Broncos to play with some pride on their home field.  It will start with the Chargers getting the ball...

Chargers Fifth Drive --

--The Broncos pass-rush always seems to be a half-second late. Rivers has thrown passes to only 2 players, L.T. and Gates.
--Dre Bly has trouble with big receivers and has trouble with Vincent Jackson. Another first down.
--The last thing the Broncos need are more injuries, with Champ Bailey on the sidelines...Ugh.
--Hey!! A Nate Webster siting. Now it's the Chargers that are self-destructing a bit. We'll take whatever we can get.
--Unbelievable. Ian Gold lined up against a wide receiver???? Are you kidding me? Could this defense be designed any worse?
--Webster gives the Chargers another first down after the penalty. Easy call.
--Another missed tackle, this time by Domonique Foxworth, another TD for the Chargers. Chargers 27 - BRONCOS 3

Broncos Fifth Drive --

--Two runs net 4 yards...solid.
--Another undrafted wide receiver, another fumble. Shanahan will waste another challenge, thus another time-out.
--WOW. That's a surprise call, simply because it was so close.
--Broncos keep the ball, and have a fresh set of downs.
--Great catch by Scheffler. If the defense was just decent we'd be alright.
--The Chargers are laying some wood, but the Broncos are holding on. Stokely injured, shocker...
--Jay Cutler throws an interception a wekk, there is another one.

Chargers Sixth Drive --

--That should just about end the competitive portion of the game
--Another third down conversion for the Chargers.
--The defense getting shredded again, and the Chargers are enjoying this....Big Time.
--Three straight blow-outs by the Chargers over the Broncos.
--Dre Bly gets beat again, this time for a TD. Chargers 34 - BRONCOS 3

Broncos Sixth Drive --

--The way the Broncos are playing at home right now has to be unprecedented. A 2-8 stretch, and it doesn't look like it's going to get any better.