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Adding Injury To Insult -- Broncos Banged Up, Emotionally and Physcially

The Broncos are beaten and battered.  The sting of the worst home lost in 40 years will do that to a team.  While the emotional scars that go along with a drubbing like yesterday's will be short lived, the physical ailments could go last a lot longer.  The Broncos have been dealing with injuries from the first day of Training Camp, and 5 weeks into the season it doesn't appear to be getting any better.

Already without Javon Walker, the offense lost more weapons when Nate Jackson was hurt on the opening kick-off. Jackson tried to stay in the game but was forced to leave later in the 1st half with a strained groin.  When asked about the injury, Jackson could only muster the obvious - "It's too early to tell," he said.

Champ Baily was injured late in the first half and didn't return, suffering from an apparent  quad injury.  Bailey was a bit more optimistic with his diagnosis - "Right now, it feels pretty good," Bailey said after the game. "But you have to see with a quad. If I had to play a game right now, I don't know if I could. I can really use this bye week and hopefully, in two weeks, I can come back."

Perhaps the most troubling news was that of Tom Nalen, who could be lost for a year with a biceps injury.  Nalen suffered the injury late in the game, and while he was able to finish the Broncos are concerned the injury is serious and Nalen is scheduled to undergo a MRI today.  Nalen, never one to over-utilize verbal communication was short, and to the point - "I want to know the definitive answer before I say anything about it," Nalen said.

Truly, the BYE week comes at the perfect time for a team physically battered, emotionally beaten.  There are questions that need answered, changes that need made, and hopefully, a season to be saved.  For now, all the Broncos can do is wait....and heal.