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MHR RADIO -- The Motor City Kitty Edition

The Broncos will try and shake off their disappointing loss to the Packers by heading out on the road for 4 of their next 5 games.  First up, the resurgent Detroit Lions.  Can the Broncos get back in the win column?  We got all that and more tonight on MHR Radio -- The Official Podcast of!! Here's what we have in store for you to chew on TONIGHT --

--One last look at the loss to the Packers.  No Favre rants, I promise!

--Time To Meet Some Old Friends

--Is It Time To Go With The Youth?

--What The Hell Is Wrong In The Red Zone?

--Your Phone Calls!!

All that and MORE!!  Tonight on MHR Radio!!!!

Get in on all the action tonight starting at 10PM est/7PM pst  

Is there anything better to do than talk Broncos football???