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The Guru Predicts -- Week 10 In The NFL

orry I am so late with these, but here they are, in true DRAGNET fashion -- Just the facts!

LAST WEEK - Straight 9-5

                    Spread  6-8

OVERALL - Straight 84-46(.646)

                Spread   60-69(.461)

Spread picks have the points next to them, straight picks are in bold --

Atlanta(+4.5) @ Carolina

Minnesota @ Green Bay(-6.5)

Denver(+4.5) @ Kansas City

Buffalo(-2.5) @ Miami

St. Louis @ New Orleans(-11.5)

Cleveland @ Pittsburgh(-9.5)

Jacksonville(+4.5) @ Tennessee

Philadelphia @ Washington(-2.5)

Cincinnati(+5.5) @ Baltimore

Detroit(+1.5) @ Arizona

Dallas(-1.5) @ New York Giants

Chicago(-3.5) @ Oakland

Indianapolis @ San Diego(+3.5)

San Francisco(+9.5) @ Seattle

There it is....Good luck to all y'all!