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Broncos 27 - Chiefs 11 -- Post Game Quotes


On winning in Kansas City: "(The Chiefs) have been so good over the years taking advantage of their home field, with their crowd, and finding a way to win. It's nice to come into here and find a way to do it ourselves. They have the best home record in the National Football League over the last five or six years. They play well here and it's nice to come out with a win."

On winning after trailing at the half: "We made some big plays in the third quarter and were up 14 points off of three plays. It was a good team win. We had a lot of penalties, but we still found a way to win."

On RB Selvin Young's speed: "Kansas City is probably surprised by his speed now. He's a little bit faster than most people think. He has great quickness and we've been able to see it. In the second half he did a great job of securing that ball. He played hard and is probably a little tired. He came in with a lot of pressure on him and he reacted well."

On QB Jay Cutler: "He played pretty good. I thought he made a couple of plays and I think he would probably like to have a couple of plays back as well. That's the nature of this game. You have to find a way to make some plays when nothing is there and I thought that he did that a couple of times."

On the decision to start S Hamza Abdullah for injured S John Lynch: "We just thought that they were going to throw the football and Abdullah has a little more range, he's more of a nickel-type safety. That's one of the reasons that we started the game off in a nickel-type defense. They did a good job of running the football and got us out of the nickel and back into base personnel. We rotated alignments and I thought that we kept them a little off-balance."



On not knowing whether or not he was going to play in this game: "I felt good about it. They were crashing down hard on the run; they knew we were trying to eat the clock up. We were getting some big holes and Coach Shanahan sent a few bootlegs in and we got a touchdown off of one."


On winning in Kansas City: "It feels real good to win in an environment like this. There is a lot of tradition here. There's a lot of pride when you come in and beat a team like that. It's my understanding that it is not too often that teams come in here and leave with the type of win that we had today."

On being an NFL starter: "Before the game, if you would have gotten a close-up of me, I had tears coming out of my eyes. It has just been so long and so much dreaming, wishing and working hard and it's a lot to be in this opportunity right now. I feel blessed and I really think that a lot of things have been positive. I've got my mind set on trying to help a football team win and I'm happy to get an opportunity to live my dreams. I'm really enjoying it."

On playing against LB Derrick Johnson: "A lot of the guys I'm playing against were old teammates of mine. Derrick Johnson got a nice lick on me today and we laughed and talked about it. Everyone is going out there and trying to play as tough as you can. Being a young guy, with the offensive line that we have, I'm just trying to fit as that puzzle piece in there and not have any fallout, just step up."

On scoring his first NFL touchdown: -- "My whole life I never just wanted to have a breakaway and just run it forward and then walk off. It was fun to have a little contact and get knocked in. It was a great feeling. It was everything that I thought it would be."

On being the feature back: "It was fun. I was looking to come in and step up and not be a drop off at all in one of the most important positions on this football team. I feel like I put myself in a position to handle it, so whatever comes I'm ready for."


On being up by 14 points late in the fourth quarter: "That's how you want it to go down. Anytime you touch the ball you want to get those plays. It's not always going to happen like that but when you get those kind of runs, you get a good thing going. "

What was going through your mind when you saw Chiefs QB Damon Huard go out and Brodie Croyle come in? "I knew it was coming. The one thing about the young kid is that he can throw the ball. He's going to get better every week. He's a good quarterback."

Having been part of so many losses here, how nice is it to get a win? "We're 1-3 now. It was good to win here. But that's all it is - just a win. It doesn't mean much right now. We've got a one-game winning streak going (in the last three games). We've got to go out and work harder."

On the run and play-action changing the complexion of the game: "Definitely. We've said that from Day One. We need to run the ball to open up things on the outside. We were able to do that today. The offensive line played great. Selvin [Young] ran the ball great and that open up some things on the outside for us."

On what RB Selvin Young did to make him so effective on the field: "He's just a talented player. We see it everyday in practice. It was no surprise to any of us."

On the play of QB Jay Cutler, despite sitting out some plays because of an injury: "I'm not surprised [that he stayed in the game]. He's a tough quarterback, a tough guy. So I wasn't surprised that he played at all; he played well."

On the Broncos defense not giving up a touchdown for the first time all season: "They played awesome. They got turnovers for us and they held Kansas City to field goals, which is huge."

At the end of the night, at 4-5, you might be first in the division. Does that blow you away a little bit? "It does but we're just going to take it game by game. You just look up at the end of the season and see where you are."

On the Broncos defense: "We have a good defense. As long as we keep it simple, we let all the talent show through, we're going to make a lot of plays the rest of the season."

On changing the momentum of the game when you get pressure on the quarterback: "If you get pressure on the quarterback with your front four, it makes the secondary look really good. If you don't, it makes the secondary look not all that great. Football is always won and lost in the trenches."

On the Broncos position in the division: "We were excited about this game and we made up our minds this week that we weren't going to lose."

On the effectiveness of the Broncos defense in the third quarter: "It was great. The momentum shifted. That's how football is, it goes back and forth. We were really excited going into this game. We had no doubts from beginning to end."


On RB Selvin Young: "Selvin is a great runner. A lot of people sleep on him, but they should be putting him on their fantasy team. He's going to win them some points."

On the Broncos defense keeping the Chiefs out of the end zone: "It felt great. Hats off the whole defense and coaching staff for putting together great plans. We just have to keep it rolling."