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Horse Tracks - 11/11/07 - Kansas City Game Day Edition

Happy Football Sunday to you, my loyal MHR brethren!  Is this the day the Broncos re-assert themselves in the AFC West or the day the Broncos continue a head-first dive to their first losing season since 1999?  We'll know in about 8 hours.....

   Mike Klis says the Broncos real identity is shrouded in mystery.

   A solid interview with Elvis Dumervil.

   Simeon Rice paid the Broncos to release him, and shows why he is a real A-Hole.

   Better late than never, Mike Klis breaks down why the Broncos are 5-10 in their last 15 games.  haven't we been doing that for a month now?

   The KC Star has it's own reasons for the failures in the AFC West.

   A team in transition, playing alot of young players, yet the team still has a chance to win a division title.  That's what K.C. is saying about the Chiefs.

   Here's the Chiefs - Broncos Game Center on