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Broncos 27 - Chiefs 11 -- The Happy Shanny Monday Spectacular!!!

Shanny is in such a good mood after a win....

Head Coach Mike Shanahan --

On TE Tony Scheffler --
"I think he's just a little sore and will be all right. He may be a little bruised and I don't think anything will keep him out of practice."

On RB Travis Henry --
"His knee is still a little bit swollen. He's going to have an MRI on it just to make sure. He felt better on Saturday. He wanted to take a few reps, but I don't think he could have gone full speed. We'll wait and see how he is."

On RB Travis Henry's off the field status --
"The hearing is Friday. He'll be in Phoenix with the NFL, and we'll find out what happens shortly thereafter. How shortly, I don't know. If the tests were positive, Travis would not be on our football team right now. When he went back and took the hair sample and that was negative; the lie detector test and that was negative; we'll let due process take care of itself. If Travis took a test and it was positive, after what he promised me, he wouldn't be on the football team right now. He's going to have his hearing on Friday, and we'll let due process take care of itself."

On RB Travis Henry's hearing results coming back before the Monday Night game against Tennessee --
"I don't think they would do that. They haven't done that in the past. I'm sure it would be the day after or the week after."

On the NFL's suspension policy --
"The Commissioner is going to wait until he hears all of the facts, and I'm sure he'll weigh it, and then make a decision. Knowing our Commissioner he'll definitely give him a fair shake."

On RB Selvin Young --
"A guy wants to get an opportunity to show what he can do, and it doesn't surprise me because he has been doing this since preseason. You can see the speed, quickness and explosion in practice; to see him actually do it against an excellent defense gives him a lot of confidence. One of the reasons why we put him up, really kept a guy like Travis down because he practiced great during the week. Travis wanted to play; I just didn't think it was the best thing for our football team. You get these warriors that want to play, but it's certainly not in the best interest of the football team. A guy like (RB) Andre Hall has come on and played well. You have got to go with the guys that have practiced."

On S John Lynch --
"It's hard to say until he practices and takes a hit. We didn't want to take a chance with him taking a hit, until the numbness went away. He would play through any pain, but there has to be some common sense when there is no feeling in your fingers, and obviously no strength."

On S Hamza Abdullah and CB Domonique Foxworth --
"We've thought that Hamza and Domonique would really help us in the passing game. We thought they would throw the ball quite a bit, which they did. You can see their range, anytime you put a corner at a safety position. Hamza coming back after being injured really played well, with a bunch of tackles. I was most impressed with the way they handled themselves."

On the youth of the football team --
"All you do is try to get better each game. In the second half of the season we have to do some things a lot better than we did in the first half. We've got one game in, and have done a lot better, so hopefully we can keep it going."

On whether he is encouraged after the team's win in Kansas City --
"We won a game, in Kansas City; that's what we did. It's a long season, and we'll get ready for Monday night. The thing we did good last week was we got better each day. We had good practices, a good sense of urgency and some energy, so we took it over to game day. I was really impressed with our players and how they handled themselves last week. They were embarrassed by the way we played (last week at Detroit), and went out and played accordingly in Kansas City."

On WR Javon Walker --
"I would say it's probably a long shot for him to play on Monday night. He's got to show us what he can do during practice this week. One day he is feeling good, and the next day he is not feeling good. He has to get reps during the week. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, but I don't know."

On the progress of the defense --
"Well, obviously, to be a good defense you have to be able to stop the run. We've gotten better since the bye week. We'll keep on working on it and hopefully we will continue to improve. If you don't get good at stopping the run, you're in for a long day; I don't care who you are. We've made some strides; giving up 67 yards rushing, that is a big improvement. Hopefully we can build on that."

On DE Josh Mallard --
"It shows you we needed some help. Anytime you play 46 plays and have only been on the roster for a few days, really is a credit to him. He's a veteran player and played quite well."

On the Tennessee Titans being like a division game --
"It is a little bit. They are playing quite well. They had a couple of their top defensive linemen (DT Albert Haynesworth and DE Travis LaBoy) out versus Jacksonville, so I'm sure they will be ready for us. We have to get ready."

On sharing ideas with Tennessee Titans Head Coach Jeff Fisher --
"We really haven't. From the days in San Francisco, we have spent a lot of time together. Anytime you are in this business you really don't talk a lot of football. You talk about personnel and people you have signed, but stay away from the X's and O's."